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Women Seek Security and Liberation (Traditionalists are not exempt)

Here is an interesting article taking a stab at the 1950s housewife myth. A few snippets:

1. “The average young woman of the Fifties had one supreme goal in life: to land herself a decent husband. He didn’t have to be devastatingly good-looking or rich. He just had to earn enough money so that she could stay at home, raise the children and never have to work for a living again. The alternative? Being labelled a spinster or old maid, and probably slaving for a lifetime in a low-paid and low-status job.”

I bet also it wasn’t necessary to have biological attraction for him. The goal was clear–security and nothing else. This overemphasis on security leads women to marry men they weren’t attracted to which then leads to the frigid wife who refuses sex, which then may lead to his affairs, which then may lead to divorce, which then still ends in security for her. Oh, the irony! Either way the woman gets what she wants, but to assure a successful marriage for both men and women a focus must be put on biological attraction, not security. If the end goal for women is security, she can’t really play her cards wrong and in that case just marry any average Joe. A successful marriage should be the end goal, not security, and that cannot be arrived at through fabrication, through feigning attraction or trying to convince yourself he is “decent enough” or something “enough”. In the rush for security and fear of being a spinster, the 50s women overlooked much*. They put the cart before the horse.

What has been demonstrated throughout the manosphere is those who married out of biological attraction, lust**, pure passion are the ones that stay together and in turn creates the security. In attempts to make the women not seem so shallow and primal, they try to rationalize why they have such a successful marriage–it’s because of commitment, vows, God, etc., ya know–more noble causes than lust and wanting to tear clothes off.

2. “To find out, I combed hundreds of diaries, newspapers, magazines and academic papers, and asked numerous women to talk to me about their own memories. What soon became clear was that the idealised version of the Fifties marriage often had little in common with the humdrum reality.”

Golly, another woman who actually does research, rather than rely on an image of how she wants it to be. If you truly go digging through history there is a reoccurring theme of female dominance, moral and otherwise since at least the early 1900s. This leads to a point in the article where it mentions Novelist Barbara Cartland claimed, “Man is actually a Neanderthal who has no homing or paternal instincts. Fortunately, he can be reeled in — provided the woman presents herself as beautiful, passive, dependent, inferior and subordinate.”

What have I been saying about wiles? This is exactly it and at the core of traditionalist feminism–that man is this big Neanderthal who can be seduced and controlled by feminine charms. Nothing drives home this point more than this article.

3. “A housewife could expect to find herself liberated from many of the chores that connected her to the outside world. In Woman’s Own, Monica Dickens explained: ‘The instinctive desire of woman is to attach herself to a man who will be her provider.”

The word “liberated” really jumped out here and could it be that this is the bridge that brings common feminism and traditional feminism together; that at its core both seek liberation. Common feminism seeks liberation from the drudgery that is work in the home and traditional feminism seeks liberation from the drudgery that is the workplace. Both are seeking escape. Both are seeking a life in their own personal, idealized garden, wherever that garden is planted. One involves running away from men and the other involves running towards them. Work is their savior or man is their savior from their eternal discontentment.

In sum, women seek security and liberation. This seems counterintuitive, contradictory, but yet not really. Security can be found in being liberated from the home or work place and liberation can found in the security of the home or work place.

* There are even some fractions of the manosphere that encourage the same thing; that women should just hurry up and settle for a “decent enough” man before she “hits the wall” and becomes that dreaded spinster. That a married woman, by the virtue of marriage alone, will in general be happier.

** Hesitate to use “lust” but think most will get my point.


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