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Team “Strong and Independent” VS. Team “Submissive and Dependent””

In reading this post about how strong and independent women think they are, its spurred this thought, which I commented:

“For as much boasting as there is on the “strong, independent” team, there is an equal amount of boasting on the “submissive, dependent” team. By this I mean the traditionalist women who can’t shut up about how submissive they are, how they love to serve, how they rely on their men. Those on either team who generally are strong/independent or submissive/dependent are usually too busy actually being those things than to prattle on about them.”

Its the old two sides of the same coin. The liberal side is team “strong, independent” and the conservative side is team “submissive, dependent”. Both teams think they are the superior one and both are out on a mission to gain attention. It results in something like this, “I am the better one cause I don’t need a man” and “I am the better one cause I need a man”. If you don’t need a man, then “get back to your desk” and if you need a man then “get back to the kitchen”.


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