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Beware of Relationship Gurus

From the Blackdragon Blog, I did not know this about Dr. Laura: “Dr. Laura was a hugely successful radio talk show host who gave advice on relationship issues, mostly marriage and relationships. Being a right-wing Christian, she regularly berated callers, quite angrily, about how they should not “shack up” (i.e. move in with someone) unless… Continue reading Beware of Relationship Gurus

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Do Husbands Really want to Make Their Wives Happy?

One of the talking points Laura Doyle continually brings up is that husbands just want to make their wives happy. So much so that it seems this is a man’s sole purpose for living. The men who believe “happy wife, happy life” are generally less dominant, lower ranking men who make it their life’s mission… Continue reading Do Husbands Really want to Make Their Wives Happy?

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Marriage as a “Developmental Priority”

This article is all par for the course, but this part gave some clarity on what marriage is really about: “And as Regnerus states, churches need to emphasize marriage as a “developmental priority” for young people and provide avenues for Christian singles to meet one another in a safe, supportive environment.” Marriage truly is a… Continue reading Marriage as a “Developmental Priority”