Traditionalist Bird

Marriage as a “Developmental Priority”

This article is all par for the course, but this part gave some clarity on what marriage is really about:

“And as Regnerus states, churches need to emphasize marriage as a “developmental priority” for young people and provide avenues for Christian singles to meet one another in a safe, supportive environment.”

Marriage truly is a box to check off. If its not checked, you are developmentally delayed. So is it any wonder both men and women rush into marriage. If you don’t marry and especially within a certain time frame you are marked and people will make hasty decisions to avoid that stigma. Settling is what we do when we want to appear to be developmentally on track. For women, its keeping up with all the other women in her age range. She rushes to get married cause if not, she will be the baby still crawling while her friends are all walking down the aisle.

Further, the tone of the article is that men aren’t fully developed unless they are married or until they are tamed by a wife.


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