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Beware of Relationship Gurus

From the Blackdragon Blog, I did not know this about Dr. Laura:

“Dr. Laura was a hugely successful radio talk show host who gave advice on relationship issues, mostly marriage and relationships. Being a right-wing Christian, she regularly berated callers, quite angrily, about how they should not “shack up” (i.e. move in with someone) unless legally married, how people should be faithful in marriage, how people should pick quality partners, how people shouldn’t get divorced, how women shouldn’t have babies out of wedlock, how people should respect their family, etc.

She made millions upon millions of dollars with this advice, and was almost a household name.

Just one problem. She had blatantly and repeatedly violated all the advice she gave. She dated a married man. He actually moved in with her, while not being married to her, and stayed with her for nine years. After his divorce, they finally got married. Why? Because she got pregnant. Out of wedlock.

She didn’t speak to her own sister or mother for 18 years. Her mom died alone in her apartment, and no one knew for two months until her dead body started to stink up the place. Dr. Laura had no idea, and apparently didn’t even care.”

I did my own research and the best I can tell its true. Dr. Laura is worshiped by traditionalists as much as Mrs. Doyle. Clinging to every word, words that she doesn’t actually live up to. This is why I never take advice from any author or strangers online. Its very easy to talk the talk (like in blogging), but few women can walk the walk. They joke amongst themselves sometimes with the old saying, “do as I say, not as I do” tee hee, chuckle chuckle (that makes it OK), but few can actually put their words in practice and I think that is only natural for a woman’s nature. Intellectually and in theory they get the right thing, but stumble upon putting it in practice.

Blackdragon closes up with this:

“The problem isn’t Bristol Palin. The problem is a society so needy for relationship or sex advice that they’ll listen to just about anyone who gives the said advice, regardless of whether that advice makes sense or if the advice-giver is actually doing (or has done) what they’re advising. Society created Bristol Palin. It’s our fault. And society isn’t done creating more of her.”

It truly is something about Bristol Palin. Mainly that she accepted all the money for abstinences speeches only to end up not married and pregnant again by another father that most likely won’t be around. Sigh. However, the larger point here is society truly is desperate for relationship and sex advice gurus. I suspect that is because this advice isn’t coming from family and we are all thrown out there expected to figure it out on own. That opens a big niche for anyone who wants to get famous by just telling people what their itching ears want to hear. Dr. Laura tells traditionalists what they want to hear and a feminist version of Dr. Laura dispenses advice for what the itching feminists ears wants to hear. They all find their target group of people and sell their snake oil. Blogger after blogger sprouts up with hopes of being the next Dr. Laura.

Women love dispensing advice, but they hate taking advice or rather anything that does not match up to what their itching ears want to hear is deemed criticism or “attacks”. Few do any fact checking and just take the word of some woman online as gospel. Society may have created Bristol Palin, but in the online world not only does society at large have a hand, but the beta/omega orbiters also play a part in putting women up on a pedestal by evidence of her word only. Do they know these women in real life, usually not, but they say, “wow look at her…if only all women could be like that”, yet its so easy to say one thing and do another and the women get all the benefits and priase of doing the right thing without actually having to do the right thing. Win-win. You just have to be a good fiction writer to become a relationship guru. Not to forget, women do the same as the male orbiters because like men who are desperate to validate that unicorns exist, the women are desperate for validation that their life choices are good and true. The internet is a breeding ground for relationship gurus galore. Its not a bad thing in and of itself, it just is what it is and as I have always said, be vigilant and discerning in who you get your advice from.


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