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“Subtle Trick” Will Build You a Better Man (or How to “Easily Ride into a Comfortable Life”)

A reoccuring theme lately in the ‘sphere seems to be the idea that a woman makes the man. Without her, he is nothing. It is one thing to encourage and support your man, but at the end of the day he has to have the own will power, motivation and ambition to achieve what he wants, if anything, as some men are content not climbing the ladder.

Take this comment by Boxer for example (From Dalrock’s post “The problem isn’t knowledge but attitude”):

“There are several excellent articles on Dalrock, aimed at women who want to make their men into more effective husbands and fathers. These are subtle tricks that women used to pass on to their daughters and grand-daughters — but this worldly feminine wisdom has been largely lost thanks to feminism.
Old school women who knew the score were able to get their husbands to accomplish really great things, and these same women could easily ride to a very comfortable life as a result.”

Are “subtle tricks” really better than feminism? These are the feminine wiles I have spoken of before. Yes, the days were much better when traditional woman could trick their men into being better betas, forcing him to be me more of what SHE wants. This post on “Moral Dominance” talks exactly about these “subtle tricks” and how they are used to snare a man and then it follows that more tricks are put into play to secure the comfortable life.

It is women who get men to accomplish really great things. Where on earth would men be today, without women! Men can’t possibly do or figure out anything on their own (or so the narrative seems to go). What is the underlying motivation for a woman to use “subtle tricks” to build a better beta—-well, a life of ease of course! To “easily ride into a very comfortable life”. Talk about a worldly goal. Materialism and ease is what some women really want and in order to get that they have to “make” their men into better men. They can’t be content with who he is, with what they married. If one woman’s man has not achieved a higher career position or some status position, she is shamed for not making him “better”. The power is solely in her hands. If a man fails or stays stagnant, its solely the woman’s fault (she just didn’t do something “enough”). A man’s success is determined by how “hot” or “sweet” his wife is and not by his actual efforts. The quote “behind every great man, there is a great woman” is a feminist slogan that from what I infer was used to suggest “women aren’t getting credit for anything and lets not let people forget that its a woman who makes a man.” is a Its a brave new world out there.


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