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So, a Woman Walks into a Blog….

So, a woman walks into a blog, a blog primarily geared towards men, she plays the nieve/dumb “help me understand” card. As much as these men like to pride themselves on not giving women attention and readily say that women should turn to their own husband for advice and explanations, especially on spiritual matters, without fail they always quickly fall for the “help me understand” act. They spoon feed out the meaning of things and take great care to make sure the poor uninformed dear comes away with a clearer understanding.

I see something like this and my first thought is why doesn’t she ask her husband if she is so confused, but they see it as a chance to woo her with how informed they with the secret longing of gaining her respect and approval. If these men said what they meant, they would say something like “ask your husband to explain, this is a site for men and men are talking here”. These sorts of women tend to also humblebrag about how they go to their husband with questions as he is the head of the family. This is done to earn some extra brownie points, but if that is so true then why not take any confusion over a blog post to your husband.


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