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Godly This and Godly That

One thing that will be noticed within certain Christians group is an overabundance of the use of the word “godly”. Sometimes it seems practically everything is prefaced with”godly”, just like Valley Girls preface everything with “like”.  It has a pretentious air to it all. Saying godly a lot is an insurance policy to prove you are Christian; whether your actions are Christian or not, just keep saying “godly” a lot and no one will be none the wiser.  This  can’t really be explained in one post, but has to be observed over time at various Christian blogs. It says here that Valley Girls adopt a cheerful, bubbly demeanor and are VERY girly and enjoy talking about celebrities, shopping and boys (or in some cases their HAWT husband). They really aren’t that different than secular Valley Girls, they just slap godly on everything and that makes them better.

Of course as a disclaimer, I have to say there is nothing wrong with being cheerful, but hopefully the reasonable person can see the difference between being simply cheerful and having a Valley Girl style of cheerful. Its widely understood that Valley Girls are annoying and fake and its not too much of a stretch to categorize the Godly Valley Girls likewise.




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