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The Masculine Manipulated Man

A commenter named Jeff’s says this at the traditionalist Christian blog, “Always Learning”:

“Thank you for your ministry. I would like to say that even a SAHM can be a feminist even if she is doing the laundry and making meals. Feminism is of the heart, not just what we see in the world and in christianity. My wife has settled down in her rebellion, but it is still there under the surface and is very palpable with the looks she will give me, the comments she makes and discussion on things.

She sees the big picture of feminism, but doesn’t see that subtle female rebellion IS feminism. Even a young lady raised in a strong christian family has feminist tendencies, which is rebellion against her father or husband and even to her mother.

Our son is at the age where he can leave home. He is very handsome and has a very masculine way about him, more so than I did at his age. Girls and even grown women are very attracted to him.

She does not see how the subtle rebellion in young women will tear him apart and when/if he gets married he can find himself manipulated (like my wife did me) into following her rebellion and ultimately tearing his house down around him. Not to mention the courting world is no different than dating… he could be accused of things and be guilty before being proved innocent. I am doing my best to teach him, but my wife sees it as misogyny to teach him about gender dynamics what it is like out there.

He is a great leader and I don’t want him to be without a helpmeet, but cannot fathom the difficulty young men face in this age. I guess that is why they are MGTOW.”

Two points:
1. If feminism is in the heart (which I agree it is), then can being a homemaker also be in the heart? In other words, can a woman work, but still have her heart primarily in the home? My guess is traditionalists will say it doesn’t work that way, because its impossible to maintain a job and also tend to the family and everything around the house.

2. About his son–he claims his son is very masculine and a great leader, so why would such a man be so easily torn apart and manipulated by a woman? A man just happens to find himself manipulated? If you are a great leader, strong, dominant and masculine you don’t fall for woman’s BS. Weak men who can’t figure out how to manage their castle and manage a woman, are the ones who go their own way (MGTOW).


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