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Mark of a Godly Woman #2: Making Others Jealous/Showing Off

Women are fierce competitors with each other and its all that much worse in the world of stay at home moms/wives. I sometime wonder if why so many women left the kitchen and went into the workforce in the 60s is that in comparison the workplace and whatever competition may occur there it was far more preferable in comparison to the “one-upping” that goes occurs on the homefront.

Meal preparation, as shown here, is the latest trend and good example of how women have to show off. The goal I’ve seen from women time and time again and wrote about here is the desire to incite envy in other women. Traditionalist women even love to giggle and squeal about how their homemade lunches make other men in their husband’s office jealous. See below:


I mean what is the point of this? Is there not enough satisfaction alone in knowing you did a job well done or is the more important goal making other husband’s jealous. This comment is a double whammy because it also highlights what I said before about how everything for these women is “sad”. It comes across like this –“It’s so sad that other men will never get my homemade lunches and super duper sad that their wives don’t do that for them :-(. If only there were more of ME to go around all the world’s problems would be solved”
I think more satisfaction comes from being the envy of the office than it does actually pleasing their man.


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