Godly Women · Submission · Traditionalist Bird

Lightbulb Moments!!

Ah how traditionalists love to think they are so original and insightful.


No, why she is able to write posts everyday is not because God has endowed her with extraordinary insight. Its because she recycles posts and slaps a new title on it and no one seems to be none the wiser.

Take this post from December 2015


and compare to this post from August 2015 (go to links in screenshot to see entire post). It is almost word for word.


If its not recycling old posts its at least recycling just a few major themes, such as submission and SAHMs rule and working moms drool. To steal a line from a British TV show, dinner is either duck with orange sauce, duck with cherries or duck surprise. Traditionalists usually promote the same concepts done up in three extremely different ways–submission with joy, submission to get our own way or submission surprise! Its all one original insight dressed up in other ways so they appear smarter and more godly.


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