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NEVER Correct a Godly Woman in Public

On this post“Anon M” scolds Rachelle for not speaking politely and daring to correct the supreme godly mentor. Lori nicely accepted the correction, but that wasn’t good enough for Anon M.   Rachelle has since deleted her comments. My belief is she was bullied into deleting, but the godly women would just say she was “convicted”.

Anon M says:

“Rachelle, I did see her original comment. I just left commenting till later. (My 8 children come first ) I thought she was clear enough in her original comment. You said ‘ I’m sorry, I appreciate many of your posts but this statement is Biblically and Theologically incorrect. Please don’t teach false doctrine to the ladies who read your blog.’. Now, where I’m from. If that ain’t trying to accuse someone then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. You accused her of being ‘Biblically and Theologically incorrect’. And told her to stop ‘teaching false doctrine to the ladies who read your blog’. Over what I thought was pretty clearly explained. And was in no or little need for amendment. You misunderstood her original statement. So therefore, it was an accusation based on a wrong interpretation. She was gracious in her response. And spelled it out more plainly. But I didn’t see the need for it. I also think that it should of been pointed out in a private message. Because I don’t think it was your intention. It came across a little prideful and rude. Public correction should be left to those who first do not listen to private correction. Matthew 18 spells that out quite clearly. Thankyou for your thoughts. All the best for your day.”

First rule of engaging with a godly woman, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER correct or question them in public. It does not matter that a godly woman is hosting a PUBLIC forum, you can’t challenge or correct her back in public. Your questioning of her must always be done in private. This of course is so the godly women can keep their pristine image and her readers can think she never makes mistakes.Not to mention, if Lori was really bothered by this public rebuke, she had the authority to not published Rachelle’s comment.

How is it that godly women can publicly host blog after blog making examples of women, point out their mistakes, etc., but if you are to say anything critical back to the hostess it must be done in private? If they want to keep pointing to Matthew 18, this is why these sorts of ministries can not be done online. If you work on establishing relationships and mentoring in your own community they are private from the get-go.




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