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God Never Meant for Women to have Blogging Careers

This post from Lori Alexander is one of her best yet for showing how out touch she is with reality. Today, she is on about women who think they can find meaning in having careers. I got a real chuckle out of the post image she used to show the career woman(laptop) and homemaker(stroller).


Now rather than a seeing an evil career woman slaving away on her lap top(like they do), I see a godly career blogger. The similarities are certainly there. I’ve said before that as much as godly women love to say women can only find meaning in being a wife and mother they sure are fond of blogging and creating online ministries. So much so that some really do turn it into a career, in that they have published books and devote serious time each day to a post and addressing comments. The time this must take away from the family can’t be small. Their “about” section reads like a resume with all their godly credentials (i.e, married young and a virgin, sahm, has 6 kids). These are career benchmarks for the homemaker

Lori always says God never meant for women to have careers; but of course godly women with blogging careers are different (“God commanded me”).






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