Angry Bird

Angry Bird


I would be remiss given the theme of this blog if I failed to mention another sort of bird—the Angry Bird.

These poor fellows take a similar approach as the feminist and traditionalist bird. They bask in a refusal to see each person’s unique experience and rather chirp an annoying song of memes and self-inflated theories as the solution to all relationship woes. They engage in black and white thinking but think they are better because they took a pill, a red pill specifically (a reference to the Matrix trilogy), and have now awoken to the ugly truth of the world and relationships. So, like feminists and traditionalists, they have an elitist bent and love to think they are better, have all the solutions, and rather the problem is that everyone else is just too stupid or blue pill to get it.

They feel their anger justifies them for having their views. Anger is fine for a time and it certainly has its place; However, it should be a temporary state. A lot of the red pill Angry Birds never leave the comfy nest of the manosphere and get their wings. Instead, they prefer to bury into their nest and let mama bird feed and defend them. Who is mama bird? The handful of red pill women who flutter about, rushing to defend any slighted Angry Bird. Mama keeps them in a state of dependency and doesn’t want them to leave the nest because she needs to be needed too much. See, if Angry Birds stay in the nest, in virtual fantasy land, they can get their dream woman without ever having to do any work. She will chat and flirt with the Angry birds, lick their wounds and console their ego when the nasty feminist and traditionalist birds come-a-peckin.


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