Godly Women · Traditionalist Bird

Mark of a Godly Woman #3:They Meddle

Another thing I’ve notice about self-proclaimed godly women is their intense need to help and insert themselves in situations where advice or help wasn’t requested. Then lo and behold these godly women act shocked and flabbergasted when the person they are trying to help does not respond positively to their advice. Godly women think they are the supreme authority on all matters and as God’s messengers they have the right to intervene and then be bowed down to for their wonderful insight. When a godly woman is given push back or so called “attacked” for dispensing her unwanted advice, of course naturally they then pull out the “sad” card. “Its sad that ______ did not want my help/listen to me, I am only trying to help”. What she is really conveying is –“It’s sad that _____ is so stupid and can’t see the great resource she has in front of her. Why can’t she understand that God sent me to fix her?”

Liberals and feminists are well known for the use of the victim card and traditionalist and godly women use its close cousin– the sad card. Although, godly women too love the victim card of claiming they are attacked to garner attention.




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