Google Replaces Older Women

I saw a man comment asking why Titus 2 women are in such low supply; why do the older no longer teach the younger? Short answer-google.

It hit me the other night as I had a cooking question and rather than ask my mom it was easier to just have my answer in a few seconds with a simple google search. It was more instinctual to google than to ask an older woman.  Its not breaking news that the internet has caused a loss of community, so it makes sense that women don’t rely on other women for tips and advise as much as they rely on google.

Heck, if men are using google to determine if women are submissive and/or are properly submissive, then its not a surprise women turn to it as well. Not only for more factual, light questions, but for more serious advice too. Online woman’s ministries provide an easy out for woman to get their questions addressed rather than having actual bonds and relationships to family or those in their communities.


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