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Didn’t you know–Eight Month Old Babies are Selfish

Lori Alexander has this to say on her post today (or it may be a quotes from the Pearls, if that is what the asterik means, but either way one and the same):

“As the child gets older, say from eight to twelve months, the adults in his life begin to recognize some of the child’s behavior as selfishness and respond by paying less attention to his demands.*”

Its unfathomable to think of an 8-12 month old baby as selfish. A baby has no concept of selfishness, just like how a baby also can’t empathize. I know with empathy that is a skill not developed until about age 5 and probably the same goes for understanding the concept of selfishness. Most adults have problems with the concept let alone an 8 month old.  The solution of course for Lori is spanking or flicking your babies cheeks.  I am sure poop in diaper at an inconvenient time is selfish. Wanting to eat when mommy wants to sleep is also selfish. It seems rather its the mom’s selfishness that gets projected onto the baby. That is what is really going on here. At 8 months no baby is purposefully with full understanding of their actions doing things to piss off their parents–they are just being babies.

As a side note to Lori’s flicking baby cheeks post–she says in there that her boys are well adjusted despite enduring pain, but yet the whole reason why Lori flicked her babies was so they wouldn’t bite her nipple while breastfeeding and cause pain. So, pain is OK to endure for babies and children, but not for her. This is a good example of godly woman hypocrisy.  Oh and she updates the post to a photo of her son where he looks happy, because don’t you  know–smiling in photos is always an accurate representation to how someone feels. Fake smiles never exist. She is basically saying “look, look he is happy…flick away..your kids will turn out fine!


2 thoughts on “Didn’t you know–Eight Month Old Babies are Selfish

  1. Well, I flicked my babies just a tiny bit when they bit me. But by eight months they are also eating solids, so removing the breast and emphasizing “don’t bite Mommy” doesn’t deprive them of the food they need. You put them back on afterward, but emphasize don’t bite. When they bite, it hurts. You do need to stop it somehow.

    But what she utterly fails to mention is that IT IS BECAUSE THE CHILD IS TEETHING!!!! Wow!!! What a concept. It is a natural reflex because biting down relieves teething pain. Just remove the breast if they’re biting and give them a teething ring to bite on. A little flick and a “no we don’t bite Mommy” is fine in my eyes, but the idea that they are being selfish — well, here we go again, back to the Pearlese and let’s-beat-the-kid-silly again……


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