Godly Women


I shouldn’t care so much since the internet is a cesspool of lies—but when a woman is held up as a teacher of younger women, a godly mentor no less, her lies and contradiction should be known about.Godly women talk left and right about their “convictions”. Well, this is mine. I am convicted  to share what I see as contradictions, inconsistencies, and/or lies then people can come to their own conclusions.

This week she mentioned in comments “None of my children are argumentative or Strong willed at all”

See below:

la strongwilled

Besides the gloating on her perfect children, she says they were never strong willed “at all”. “At all” is a pretty solid remark. Yet, she contradicts herself in this comment, from this post: 

la strongwilled 2

There she says “All of our children were strong-willed but we didn’t allow that to control them”. 

There is yet more on this post.

I suppose what she could mean is they WERE strong willed but not now since she spanked and flicked it all out them.

Being strong-willed does not mean you are Satan’s spawn. It can be a great gift, but children are cheated of that gift when their parents beat it out of them.


5 thoughts on “Godlieness

  1. What discredits her completely in her first comment is the fact that she tells everybody that they are to homeschool all their children, no matter what, and then reveals in that comment how her children attended the public elementary school and then later Christian high school — so she has absolutely no clue what it is like because she has zero experience in this area. She did not have children she was trying to teach to read while she was teaching her high schooler algebra. Not once was she the sole person responsible for the entire education of her children, beginning to end, and responsible for preparing them for a university education. She is incapable of providing even the least bit of empathy, only a scolding, which is the last thing most of the moms in the trenches I know need — we have way more children and we homeschool from the get-go, and we’re certainly not spouting off telling everybody what to do (I’m not complaining either, but I’m certainly not going to tell you it’s just all jim-dandy great 100% of the time).

    I used to like some of the things she wrote, but they got nasty and holier-than-thou VERY quickly, and she is now just plain offensive with her smart aleck manner. And it’s a repeat of the same broken record every single day — it’s almost amusing to see how many times she can say the same thing she said yesterday!


  2. Regarding the repetition it’s like this line from Fawlty Towers….
    Basil Fawlty: So, uh, this is your new menu.
    Colonel Hall: [reading] Duck with orange; duck with cherries; duck surprise.

    With LA it’s homemaking with orange, homemaking with cherries or homemaking surprise!

    Although I am sure I am repetitive to on about the godly women.


  3. Oh, she did homeschool, but only for the junior high years. She says so herself. She never did it all the way through, and she has no right whatsoever to spout off about how we are all to homeschool every single one of our children from the very beginning.

    She can recommend it; she could tell a little about her experiences (both good and bad) when she homeschooled her children; she could also tell us what worked for her and what didn’t. But no, she mouths off at us instead. And for those who would take us to task for saying “mouth off” about someone our elder, let it be noted that she just recently posted something about women having tantrums and about how we are to be meek and quiet…..hmm, great example she’s setting. She has no qualms about scolding and giving us a piece of her mind. It gets old VERY fast, especially with someone who acts like everything was so wonderful at home……sure, I’ll just bet it was……tell me that your junior high schoolers you brought home to homeschool during their junior high years, after being in public elementary school, didn’t give you at least SOME rebellion or SOME arguments, or whatever…..I don’t believe one bit of it. I have homeschooled all my kids from Day One, and I still have the “teenage” struggles, although admittedly way less than most I know. They are still teenagers and they still are struggling with that awkward time of life.


  4. Colonel Hall: [reading] Duck with orange; duck with cherries; duck surprise.

    Love it. 🙂 That’s sort of like us at home when there’s a meat sale — Chicken a la Monday, Chicken a la Tuesday, Chicken a la Wednesday…..


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