Angry Bird

BPD Widowers

Certain men are convinced they got women all figured out with their “alpha widow” theory. The theory goes that women spend their 20s hooking up with hot alpha men only to later settle down with a nice family guy beta once she hits 30 and gets baby cravings. Problem though is the beta is too boring from what she is use to so she spends the rest of her days mourning for the alpha that is no longer in her life.

This is appalling to them because, of course, men aren’t like that. Nope, men do something entirely different. Like woman who go after hot alpha men, they instead go for the HOT crazy woman (aka those with BPD-Borderline Personality Disorders). Even those fully aware of the hot/crazy matrix can’t help themselves because, well, she is HOT HOT HOT!

As demonstrated in quotes like this one:

“PS I know I should have cut all ties with this girl long ago but she’s hot as fuck. Other than that I have no excuses xD”

They know she is crazy and bad for them, but she is HOT man!! No different than woman knowing they can’t resist the bad boys.

Men can spend their 20s/30s chasing and banging these HOT women and then one day start pining for their submissive virgin bride. Its time to settle down, be a family man, and to do so of course you don’t want a crazy woman as the mom of your kids. So they find a wholesome, more quiet, submissive girl; the one ignored in high school and passed over for the crazy girls. She is finally noticed just like the beta man is finally noticed. She can be pretty and feminine (most are in fact), but she is not HOT. She will do, but will never compare to the HOT woman of yesterday and simply being submissive and pleasant doesn’t cut it. Like the bad boys, HOT and crazy, the BPD women, are fun and exciting. After having all that, the submissive woman, like the beta man is too boring. These men will muddle through their marriage mourning the HOT and crazy woman. He will be a BPD Widower.


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