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Women set the Standards Men are to Follow

This comment found here explains so well one of my disagreements with traditionalists. As much as they sing a pretty song about how men should be leaders, they don’t really believe it.

Diana · 11 hours ago

In pondering this question (who’s to blame more, men or women), I have concluded that women hold the key to societal health. Why? Because they are the virtue keepers. When women are virtuous, men pull themselves up to meet that level. When women jettison their virtue, men become swine. Just check out the father’s warnings to his son in Proverbs, telling him to stay away from immoral women – because they drag men down to the pits of hell. But when women choose to be virtuous – society can reach its highest level. Men will be only as good and as moral as women set the standard.

So, exactly why are men suppose to be the leaders again? Based on this- it seems like the women got it covered. Men pulling themselves up in response to something a woman does is following, not leading. They wait and follow the cues of women because the implication is they are too clueless to figure this out on their own. Its a dig at men to suggest that they have no idea how to conduct themselves and can’t be moral without women first showing the way.This is like a feminist assumption that men are just helpless,befuddled, cave men.

I suppose its meant to be a bit of biblical irony that women being the weaker vessel are the ones responsible for societal health. Let’s blame the world’s problem on the weaker ones, on those who are suppose to be the helpers, not leaders. Makes a lot of sense. This not to say women have no blame at all, but it is not all one sex or the other.

Certain men would fall all over themselves for a woman like Diana for she absolves them of any responsibility.Such men will continue to blame their problems on women. They think if only women were virtuous or at least like they were in the 1950s/Victorian era, the world would be a peaceful and just and further they would not be sinlge.  As if it is that simple. Not being able to think back much further than the sexual revolution of the 1960s traditionalists think the world all went to hell when women started burning bras.  Because of course men were never immoral before then. How did the affairs and scandals of kings and political leaders of centuries past happen at times when women were under the most moral/societal restraint?
I suppose also the gamers/PUAs of the world are only that way because women went immoral first. Darn those 1960s! Its not their fault they pick up women, bang them and dump them. Why that is because women are not virtuous, clearly if women were virtuous these gamer men would quit their ways.


One thought on “Women set the Standards Men are to Follow

  1. All too true. Here, again, we have that, “You go first, then he will do what he needs to do.” No. He can go first (which is leading, after all) whenever he wants. His decision.


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