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Relationships Matter More than a Clean House

Just my two cents on this comment:

Guest · 2 hours ago

I’m interested in how a woman with a home business can make enough money to significantly add to the family income and still fit everything in? For example:

Sleep 6 hours
Shower and dress 30 min
Homeschool 4 hours,
Cooking, cleaning, household chores, etc. 4 hours,
Child care not related to schooling or for children not in school 2 hours
Prayer and devotions, 30 mi
Meals with family 1 hour
Quality time with the husband, 30 min

So far we are at 18.5 hours. That leaves 5.5 hours for the home business and everything else in a woman’s life. What home business only takes 5 hours a day and yet pays enough to add significantly to the family’s finances?

WHAT? Only 30 mins for the husband? The relationship that is most important, that the entire foundation of the family rests on and he gets 30 minutes! I am sorry, but dishes can wait! This is why I disagree over the standard form over substance thinking that traditionalists apply. Relationships are what matters most, both with your kids and your husband.  And if that means not having a perfectly clean house, not always having home cooked meals from scratch, so that you can spend more time with your family–then so be it!

Traditionalists criticize the heartless working woman because at the end of the day she is too tired to spend any quality time or simply doesn’t have the time to spend with their husband. Well, if the traditionalists are only carving out 30 mins, they aren’t doing much better.


9 thoughts on “Relationships Matter More than a Clean House

  1. I’m also concerned about this:

    “Child care not related to schooling or for children not in school 2 hours”

    What kind of preschool child (let alone infant) only needs two hours of supervision?

    Who is going to be watching that child (or those children) while mom does the home business?

    Also, when does mom get to see her friends or chat with her family? Or do grocery shopping? Or run errands? Or do haircuts? Or see to dental and medical appointments?

    That is a very worrisome schedule.


  2. If it were me I’d just get a darn dishwasher and be done with it. My husband has made it obvious to me from day one that a spotless and immaculately clean home is NOT high on his priority list. I like a clean home and have learned over the years the vacuuming, scrubbing, and mopping can wait until later. My husband likes household appliances way more than I do!


  3. “Also, when does mom get to see her friends or chat with her family? ”

    See friends? Why that would be selfish! Its just not allowed.
    Or as Lori calls it…..the “going away” mentality.

    “What is a going-away mentality? It is the mentality that we need an abundance of social activities that make us run hither and yon to have a good time and do fun things. It means going shopping, mostly just to see what is there and to have something to do. It means going to see a friend, even though we just saw her last evening in church. Sometimes it means committee meetings, birthday surprises, baby showers, Tupperware parties, or something similar. “

    Imagine baby showers! And Lori publicly posted she hosted one weeks ago…baby showers for me but not for thee!


  4. Maea said:

    “I’m convinced traditionalists are making stuff up as they go just as much as the feminists.”

    Pretty much.

    Basically, if you are enjoying yourself–knock it off!


  5. Oh yeah that really relates to the DS post and all that talk.
    I looked again and thought 6 hours for sleep is low. Its realistic for sure but to really be productive and healthy 8 is ideal, but with young kids 6 is more the norm.


  6. Yeah, the six hours sleep is a little low for a routine–especially since there are bound to be occasions when it’s a lot less or when it’s interrupted a lot.

    With two school kids and a preschooler, I tend to get 6/6.5, which isn’t quite enough. I sneak in an extra hour when I can.

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  7. I was out to breakfast with a friend just yesterday. The house didn’t burn down, my kids weren’t abused or molested, and dinner was still done by 5 PM.

    The family can survive with mom gone for 90 minutes every other week or so.


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