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Prayers for the Inconvenienced

I am always amused when Christians ask others to pray for them over trivial things, over the minor inconveniences of life, especially amidst all the recent tragedies. To those Christians– I am sorry, but God is probably bit backlogged right now with more pressing prayer requests regarding such things as oh, I dunno–the murder of a singer in Orlando, the murder of 50 people in Orlando and oh yeah an adorable toddler boy drowned by an alligator in Orlando. So, such things as an unreliable car, a clogged sink, and a runny nose will have to take a number.  To those Christians,I am so sorry that your life is not cushy and convenient right now. There are 52 people now dead who probably would have loved to have those problems. The beautiful problems of being alive. Be grateful you and your family are alive to enjoy life’s inconveniences.


5 thoughts on “Prayers for the Inconvenienced

  1. While I agree for the most part with the sentiments expressed here, I also know that sometimes it’s not that there’s just one little thing that’s causing the problem – it’s a bunch of “little” things and the camel’s back is near to breaking. A little prayer thrown in the general direction of an overwhelmed family is one of the small acts of kindness we can show toward each other. Lord knows where I’d be now if not for some of my friends’ daily praying, “And Please, Lord, if you could keep Maevey from driving off the overpass today, I think her family would be really appreciative…”

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  2. That’s a good point. I don’t mean for this post to come across as I don’t care, but when I see so much more serious suffering around me those who ask for prayers for what looks like little things in comparison come across as ” me, me, me…poor me, me, me”, a pity party to garner attention. It’s just an observation.

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  3. I really do know what you mean; also (and it shames me to admit this), I have a hard time praying for people who annoy me – something I desperately need to work on.


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