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The Injustice of a Beta, Egalitarian Husband

Saw this post a few weeks ago and resisted commenting,  but now in light of the Dalrock and Ken Alexander debate, it sure is applicable.

This was listed as an example of how women can teach because they are allegedly under husband’s authority:

“When a woman has a Christian blog she is operating that blog under the spiritual authority of her husband or father. This means even if she disagrees with her husband or father on some interpretations and applications she is to teach what is in accordance with her husband’s interpretations and applications of the Scriptures.”

This author ASSUMES she is operating under her husband. There is no way to verify this or not. It has to be taken on faith that a woman is being honest when she says “my husband says I can do this”. There is nothing stopping a woman who wants to set up her own teaching shop without any male authority from doing so. It doesn’t matter though, a woman’s word is to always be trusted. Because the little lady said so, it makes it so.  In most cases (not including the Alexanders), husbands are not involved in their wives online ministry (at least Ken is and that is worth something).

As far as how this relates to the Alexanders, well, its been made clear that Lori is not teaching what Ken believes. Yet this doesn’t stop her. She is smarter than him, morally superior, she is AMAZING! Thank God Lori doesn’t follow Ken’s authority in operating her blog and preaches what he believes as she would be steering so many women in the wrong direction. Ken on the other hand is a pathetic beta, described as a “third rate woman” and “second rate man” who needs the Dalrock boys to tell him how to run his house and lead his woman.  One commenter has even said he feels sorry for Lori. I mean what an unbearable hell to put up with a man like Ken, meanwhile there is a women commenter whose husband allegedly calls her a “selfish bitch” during labor and she is written off as a troll. Her story doesn’t matter. The real injustice is Lori has to live with a beta, egalitarian husband. Bring me the tissues! Oh and it doesn’t matter if the Alexanders claim they are happily married now, lets all feel sorry for Lori. Lets feel sorry for the happily married who clearly don’t know that they should be unhappy.

*Note- I don’t like this post title and might change it later.


3 thoughts on “The Injustice of a Beta, Egalitarian Husband

  1. This author ASSUMES she is operating under her husband. There is no way to verify this or not. It has to be taken on faith that a woman is being honest when she says “my husband says I can do this”.

    I have a hard time believing that these women’s husbands know and approve of how much time they spend seeking attention from men online. Lori’s husband is there blogging with her and I rarely see her commenting on those manosphere blogs. But other submission bloggers are obviously posting and commenting to gain the approval of strange men. Whether the husband approves or not, the result is the same. The husband is vilified and the wife is put on a pedestal. At least in Lori’s case she is not the one vilifying the husband.


  2. BillyS says:
    June 28, 2016 at 9:37 am

    One other question: Why did you not write a post standing behind what your wife wrote and taking the women polluting her comments? Why only slap men for not doing enough?

    Because, presumably, if she is writing under his authority and approval he doesn’t need to do a separate post standing behind what she writes. Duh!

    And since the question was raised, like the other commenters here brought up, why is Lori not defending her man. He may have told her not too and that is fine too though.


  3. I can tell you right now, there is something seriously wrong with wives who go online just to tell other women they’re doing wifery all wrong. That’s not “teaching,” that’s being a self righteous and judgmental loser who’s only worth and value comes from comparing herself to her sisters and finding them all lacking. I call it the pretty princess syndrome.

    It’s extra inappropriate if you post endless selfies of yourself and bash other women so you can gain the approval and favor of the manosphere.

    **My husband did not approve this message, but I suspect he probably would if I asked him.


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