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How Christian Women can Get the Power and Attention they Seek without Joining the Workforce

The title of this article was intriguing as I don’t have an issue with women working, especially so if its in submission to her husband’s wishes. However, it wasn’t what I thought it would be and is just more pure feminism. The reasons stated for a women working aren’t for practicality, but rather so they can get a power kick.

“In meetings with Christian men outside of the company, she often feels invisible. Sometimes it is as subtle as the way someone establishes eye contact; other times, she is blatantly ignored by her male peers. Beaty recalls attending a recent gathering with other Christian leaders in Kentucky where she was the only woman representing the evangelical viewpoint. As she and several male leaders stood in a circle chatting, another man entered the room and aggressively shook every attendee’s hand—except hers. The man didn’t even look at her.

“No one’s explicitly said to me, ‘I don’t want to talk to you because you’re a woman,’ or ‘I don’t value your insights because you’re a woman,’” she said. “It’s all in body language and subconscious symbols of who has the power in a room and who doesn’t.”

In addition to experiencing the tensions many religious women face, Beaty was transformed by the fulfillment she discovered in her work.”

In other words, she feeeeels ignored in Christian circles, especially among Christian men, so the solution is to get a job with largely secular men and women so she isn’t ignored anymore. He didn’t even look at her! The nerve! This woman wants to feel the power, the power she perceives men have. So , the solution is to join the workforce, because the worst fate a human can suffer is to be ignored and not have power(that is how the feminists make it seem at least).

I have a better solution where a woman can truly have it all (sarcasm to follow). Women can continue to be SAHMs, but if they are feeling ignored, a bit lonely, desperate for the attention of Christian men, for power–become a red pill woman and start blogging! I mean if a woman wants a power kick there is plenty of that to be satisfied online. She can get power and attention and all the while she is still keeping a home.

“A professional job involves certain aspects like a title and compensation, she said, and homemaking does not have such benefits. In the focus groups Beaty convened while researching this book, she said she spoke to many full-time mothers who long for this.”

If its a title women want–then just appoint one to yourself and go around writing about how you have such and such career. I saw a comment of a woman who said she was in her upper 20s and a CEO of a large company. I didn’t believe it for a second. I researched and found that only 1% of CEOs are under 40 (not to mention under 30), so her story is unlikely. Another option, common enough, is to give yourself the “godly” title, or “godly mentor”. This will help make women feel like they have more power. What is missing though is compensation–but WAIT–write a book. Then not only are you godly, but you have a more official title of “author” and you get compensation. See, no reason for women to rush off to the workforce, what they really seek–power and attention from men can be satisfied online.


4 thoughts on “How Christian Women can Get the Power and Attention they Seek without Joining the Workforce

  1. Regarding the attention the RP women seek, it could be interesting to compile a list of the regular commenters at these sites as I suspect their fan base is really small. You can see a 350 comment thread at Dalrock’s, for instance, but it’s the same people that made the last 350 comment thread with a few newbies thrown in. That’s not going to sell many books.


  2. Ugh, instead of focusing on the feelings or how to get attention, these women would be better served by taking a step in a community role. Women traditionally gained status that way, and status waspower in the community. If a woman thinks she’s going to get power and attention from joining the workforce, I have to ask what she’s been smoking.


  3. By community, I mean dealing with people in the flesh and having a conversation with them over actual coffee or tea. Not weird facebook icons or anything.

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