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What does Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, and the manosphere all have in common?

They involve groups of males, or lost boys, that are largely held together by a central matriarchal female character. As much as the manosphere will deny it, they tend to seek out and put upon a pedestal a particular woman to act as mom or virtual wife to console them and lick their wounds.
The Peter Pan analogy is obvious. A bunch of lost boys who need their “Wendy”. Boys who don’t seem to grow up or ever learn anything despite being in red pill Neverland for years on end.
Although, I suppose that is part of the problem if they didn’t spend so much time debating online the same old tired points and got back to reality, maybe they would grow up, but they are trapped in a virtual Neverland.
The Wizard of Oz analogy is interesting too since Dorothy largely acts as a mother figure to the cowardly lion, the tinman with no heart, the scarecrow with no brain. Let’s see does the manosphere have men like that? Cowardly? Check. No heart? Check. No brain? Check.
They then follow Dorothy in hopes she will lead them to some magical wizard or promised-land where they will be bestowed courage, hearts, and brains. Note she leads them. Dorothy is not the submissive follower in this story even though she is presented to be demure and innocent.
Coincidentally enough, Dorothy wears RED slippers. Ruby red slippers to be exact. Symbolism for her value being above red rubies.

4 thoughts on “What does Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, and the manosphere all have in common?

  1. Also, the Wizard of Oz is happy to send our heroes off for a mission that he fully expects to kill them…


  2. Perfect example of how the red pill women swoop in to lick the wounds and play mommy or virtual wife to the single men:

    AUGUST 2, 2016 AT 10:50 PM
    “Hmm at least in our city that doesn’t seem to be a problem thankfully. Hope you’re ok Fuzzie wanted to send you some encouragement that wasn’t so public regarding the nasty comments you’ve been getting.”

    First of all IF fuzzie is a grown man he can handle nasty comments on his own. If its so bothersome he can get of the internet too. And why can’t it be done public, what kind of private encouragement are we talking about here…it just doesn’t look good.


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