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The Fruit of a Blogger

On Lori’s post yesterday about how young women are too busy blogging and in turn are neglecting their families, there is this comment:

“Like the person you quoted in this post, I definitely look at the fruit of a blogger whose words I read. I’m not into pride, irresponsibility, lack of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I read bloggers’ words that challenge me to grow, show and know my Lord and Savior in deeper ways and to walk in His Word. If their posts are written at the expense of their family relationships, that’s not a blog for me.”

Please, would some godly woman explain how you can tell someone’s fruit based on what they write. Women are experts at embellishing and making their life and deeds grander than reality. You just have to have good fiction writing skills and learn to write Christanese. Unless you actually know the person you can’t see their fruit online. This is one reason why all these godly woman ministries online are so amusing.  How do you know if posts are written at the expense of the family or not unless you are in that family? No woman is going to admit that she is blowing her husband off so she can blog away. What is to stop a woman online from saying she is older than she is so she can enjoy the rush of being a godly mentor and saving marriages. None of this can be known for sure unless you actually know the person.

Lori says to this commenter she can tell this person is very wise. That usually means the person agrees with everything Lori writes. That is what makes you wise in godlywomanville–absolute agreement and surrender to the blog hostess.


3 thoughts on “The Fruit of a Blogger

  1. “No woman is going to admit that she is blowing her husband… ”

    Sorry, just pausing a moment to LMAO and engage in some gratuitous crassness. “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” 🙂


  2. It was very cute, an unintentional innuendo that cracked me up.

    Now you know how proper Christian ladies go about neglecting their families, we cruise the internet looking for odd sexual inuendos.


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