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Head on Over to Amazon Folks, There is a Spiritual Battle Going On!

Right on cue, godly women love to go on about how they are “hated”. They assume disagreement and criticism is hate. One remark against them and you hate them. Just like how some women take a flirtatious comment from a man and call it sexual harassment. Always jumping to extremes. I do not hate Lori, but greatly disagree. There is a big difference. Her whining like a spoiled princess, “they hate me”, does not inure a sense of godliness. If she is the role model of how women and Christians should behave, how can she blame others for “attacking”, when she flings “attacks” right back by calling people “evil, miserable, stalkers, haters, etc”.

April Cassidy (The Peaceful Wife) also has a popular blog and book with very much the same message, but she does not get near the criticism that Lori does. I think this is because April largely chooses to ignore any criticism, plus overall she has a much more pleasant online personality.  She holds herself high and walks away. Lori rather feeds and baits her naysayers, eggs them on, stokes the fires.  Yet April is a young woman with small kids still. How does she, not being post menopausal (there are those who have said you can’t be a godly mentor until you hit menopause), have such a better grasp on how to handle these things?  Lori has written against women who hosts blogs, write books, with children at home, yet she admires April and at least not publicly has denounced her for doing these things. Double standard again.

Anyway, From Lori’s drama screed this morning:

“They follow me even when I comment on another’s blog and attack me there. They seem to know every detail of my life because they know details from every comment I have ever written on my blog. They have nothing better to do with their time than to cyber stalk and speak evil of others.”

All the classic moves are pulled here. All the buzzwords – “attack”, “stalk”, “evil”. You disagree with someone and try to track down what they say for consistency and its deemed stalking. News flash–this is the internet and people can go to whatever sites they want. If possible, I am sure she would love to get restraining orders against some for visiting her site. You put yourself and opinions out to the public. Part of doing so involves disagreement and naysayers. She should be joyous because doesn’t this mean that she is doing God’s work? The more you are “attacked” the more God is on your side.  It bothers her greatly that there are some people out there dedicated enough to hold her to her word and call out how inconsistent so many of her statements are. She flip flops back and forth like many politicians.

“I went to the women in the chat room and asked them to write reviews for me about what they know about me and what I teach. Some of them happily did this for me. (If any of you would like to do this for me, I would appreciate it very much.) I know, without a doubt, that this is a spiritual battle.”

Yet a few sentences before that she writes, “I have no idea why Amazon allows comments from those who haven’t read the book.”

So, it is wrong and evil if you leave a negative review without reading her book, but great and supportive if you leave a positive review based on what you”know about me and what I teach” without reading her book. At least that is how this comes across. She is soliciting women in her chat room to defend her, not because they have read the book (being out for only a few days I doubt anyone has had time), but based on what they know about her.  Negative reviews can’t be based on what people know about her,  you have to read the book to be able to do that! Truly, its not like the book is going to be any different than her thousands or so blog posts anyway. You read most of those and you have a very good feel for her style. She isn’t all of sudden going to champion career women in her book.

If this book isn’t about Lori, not about her becoming famous or making lots of money, it shouldn’t matter so much the negative reviews. If the book is meant to help women, the Holy Spirit will steer them towards the book and her blog and the negative reviews will not alter their opinion.

I can’t drive home the point enough– you can NEVER disagree with a godly woman! Look at the accusations you get when you do. If you do, you get attacked back with accusation of “evil, miserable, live in dark places, nothing better to do, spiritually weak. No criticism is ever valid. Part of “always learning” is being able to handle criticism, not shut it out or shut it down.  A lot of the criticism Lori gets today probably didn’t start out so bad, rather it festered over the years as people got more and more frustrated that their respectful disagreeing comments were not posted. I know some women have had legitimate questions and are trying to learn, but if Lori gets the subtlest feeling that she doesn’t know the answer or can defend the position, it is easier to just not publish and rather leave that person lost and frustrated.  What Lori is learning via Amazon is this is how the real world works. Outside of her glass house and glass blog, you don’t get to censor others opinions.

These women are 1000 times worse than feminists because they make it so personal. Bringing up someone’s spiritual state, attempting to be God and know one’s heart, presuming to know one’s family situation is what makes it personal. When feminists attack its more sticks and stones. They say those who disagree are “evil, Satan, miserable, not Christian, spiritually weak, they hate Jesus, hate the truth, live in dark places, etc, etc.”  And oh “its just soooo sad that they are that way too!” I believe (but what do I know) the proper godly response to the negative reviews would have just been to ignore, but now she has declared war–a spiritual war. Disagreement = war.

So, folks hop on over to the Amazon page to witness a real live spiritual battle in play.


18 thoughts on “Head on Over to Amazon Folks, There is a Spiritual Battle Going On!

  1. Forgot to mention. Apparently this is what Amazon has to say about family leaving reviews:

    3. Can I ask my family to write a Customer Review for my book?
    We don’t allow individuals who share a household with the author or close friends to write Customer Reviews for that author’s book. Customer Reviews provide unbiased product feedback from fellow shoppers and aren’t to be used as a promotional tool. Please refer to our Help Page for more details. Your family and friends are welcome to share their enthusiasm for your book through our Customer Discussions feature.


    Now that several have called out that the reviewer EmilyA is Lori’s daughter in law and this link has been brought to their attention. They insist on leaving up the biased family review and are even now soliciting for more biased reviews based on what people know of her, know of her character.


  2. What a soap opera. The difference between April Cassidy and Lori Alexander is so striking, you’d think Lori could learn a little from April. April has tact. I disagree with some of the things she says, but I have tremendous respect for her and believe she would make a great friend. I don’t have her book and don’t plan to purchase it because I cannot divert precious dollars to something I don’t really need, but I think it would be interesting to read, if only for the fact that I find her polite, friendly, tactful and respectful, and I’d like to extend the courtesy if I could afford to do so.

    Lori — the polar opposite. Rude, proud, scornful and completely disrespectful. I can believe that she spent years being a thorn in Ken’s side. You read only a few of her posts and you can tell right away what she thinks of anybody who isn’t her Xerox copy image — ugh. I was directed to her blog via others, and while at first I thought she was OK, it didn’t take long for me to feel the complete contempt she has for anybody who does not precisely march to her beat. As I realized that she is enthusiastically recommended by all the men who believe women are incarnations of Satan (while they had nasty things to say about generally all the other women bloggers), then it all made sense — it is the chauvinistic patriarchy, women-are-Satan-incarnate crowd moving in like sharks for the kill.

    Stone writes:
    “a few sentences before that she writes, “I have no idea why Amazon allows comments from those who haven’t read the book.”

    You will note that there is now a review from someone who is offering praise, yet has not read the book — she ordered it and it is en route. Yet, that review is not being tsk-tsked.

    This confirms something that I have suspected for a long time about the women who claim to be oracles authorized by the Most High — they are, in reality, cowards. The minute they come up against disagreement, they begin to whine about how they are being persecuted. They also will bring their husbands into it and use the men as a little bit of a threat to scare off anybody who disagrees with them, and then they will turn to attacks on things, persons, and institutions with which they disagree, some of them truly vile, and will not suffer one voice of dissent or protest over such things — they will respond with even more vicious attacks.

    I started using Traditional Feminist as my screen name because I am beginning to believe more and more that the feminists had some very valid points. I am starting to believe that the stagnation of “occupation: housewife” might actually be a problem…..maybe I’m way off base, but something is wrong.


  3. “You will note that there is now a review from someone who is offering praise, yet has not read the book — she ordered it and it is en route. Yet, that review is not being tsk-tsked.”

    Yeah, because she doesn’t realize how inconsistent her statements were. Pointing out the inconsistencies is what makes you a stalker. She is sending people there to promote her as a person, not the book. Lori has now joined in the comments and left her response with a nice sassy “blessings!”. The fakeness behind that is so apparent.


  4. Its funny too the drama over a book that has 3.6 stars out of 5. You would think she got one stars across the board. Like a student whining they got a “B” on their test and not an “A”. “Why does my teacher hate me so?!!”


  5. I really must hand it to her — there is nothing more entertaining than to watch the scenario of someone who daily says judgmental and nasty things to everybody suddenly begin whining and crying about how people are mean to her. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.


  6. News update on the “spiritual battle” — if you click on the one-star or the four-star reviews — in short, if you try to see any of the reviews that are NOT five-star — they are all gone. You get the message that no reviews match your search. You can only read the five-star reviews. I just checked; see it for yourself. The ratings are still up, so you know that there is a percentage of one-star and four-star reviews, but you can’t read any of them.


  7. They have blocked all reviews that are not verified purchases. You have to buy the book in order to say one peep about anything, just as you cannot question a word on her blog. If this isn’t a career and trying to earn money, then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. After all that browbeating about how we have no right to earn money, how we are to stay home even if we can’t pay our bills and just “trust in the Lord”……this really is unbelieveable.

    She’s put her negative reviews post as the first one, and follows it with her “getting out of the rat race” post, where she goes on yet again on the same tired line:
    “She is going to teach women how to overcome the exhaustion and hustle and thrive as a working mother. Can you even imagine what she can teach them that would help them to be more productive and efficient in their lives? I do and I wish I was Susan and could teach this online class. I would tell the mothers:”
    (And we know exactly what THAT is, especially to those of us who have larger families and who don’t have tons of money.)
    with the tagline: “I am sure this would be a very popular online course and hundreds of women would flock to hear her say these things, don’t you think?”
    Uh-huh. Sure.

    I’m so done with this hypocrite. She never did learn how to behave herself, I can believe every word she says that she tried to boss and control her husband, because that’s what she is — bossy, controlling, loudmouthed, and incapable of understanding the difficulties of the plebians who don’t have any extra wealth and are trying to keep the bills paid. She only wants the accolades and worshipping of every woman (and by default every man) in the world.


  8. TF, Where are you seeing that they have blocked all reviews? I don’t see how they can do that as I think its Amazon’s policy that anyone can leave a review. What if you get the book at library or through a friend or as a gift or through another retailer?
    I was thinking if this is really about helping women, how better can you help women than by having a free blog that can be read by millions all across the world? By making a book and charging money you greatly limit the audience and those who may benefit from it. She knows she is helping or has helped women. She claims 5 millions have read her blog, but that is not good enough. The 5 million number alone is misleading as those are page views not unique visitors and even so it doesn’t mean she has helped them as a good deal of them are from her naysayers.


  9. “KK says:
    October 13, 2016 at 2:53 am
    I can tell you from personal experience, Amazon will not remove the reviews. Unfortunately, one does have to have actually read any part of the book, in order to review it on Amazon. Unless the review has personal attacks, Amazon will allow it to stay. It’s very sad.”

    OMG! What is it with the sad talk all the time. Since I did my post on that topic I have seen it constantly. Here we go again. Everything is sad to these people. They sit on their lofty thrones and look down at the masses and go on about how sad we all are.


  10. Again, in Lori’s post today:
    “Lindsay Harold responded to this article, “This is so sad and so terrible.”
    I am tempted to open up a new page where we can all post our sad sightings. Its like a word search game.


  11. “Kathy says:
    October 12, 2016 at 8:24 am
    Your blog is the only one I read where I actually read the comments. Because I know that you do not allow nasty comments to remain here. I get so tired of negativity. My husband and I were discussing an Amazon order last night and he commented that there were negative reviews. We then had a discussion about how people are paid to post negative or positive reviews for different products and books. I don’t watch the news or things like that often because it is so negative.”

    That comment says a lot. They are so in denial that anything negative can ever be said about godly women that those who do must be getting paid to do it! Why else would you speak out against God’s princesses. Also, what is it with the pride of avoiding negative things? To appreciate beauty you need to understand ugly. To enjoy the fullness of life you need to experience the good with the bad.


  12. “TF, I just saw your other comment. I am still able to see the one star reviews.”

    Oh, I get it. You have to click an extra link to get to all of them, the ones that show up most readily are the verified purchase reviews. Got it.


  13. “We then had a discussion about how people are paid to post negative or positive reviews for different products and books.”

    Oh, puh-leeze…..um, that book is selling for over $14. She’s sure raking in the dough for someone who likes spouting off about how a woman who is doing well financially ought to quit her job and stay home. If I was going to be paid $14 for every Amazon review, I’d probably spend the rest of today typing reviews. I have car insurance and vehicle registration due this month in addition to all the regularly occurring bills. My husband works overtime a lot to make sure we have something left over (and yes, we save regularly every two weeks and that can leave us super tight during the summer months when the electric is super-high). And if you saw my closets you’d know we are the farthest thing from clotheshorses and shoehorses out there.


  14. TPC said:

    “Nah, she’s getting a dollar or two a copy, something like that, print doesn’t pay that much even if you self-publish, which it looks like she did. She’d be doing better to have put out an ebook alongside.”

    Basically. Some of my relatives do a lot better than that with self-published books (more like 50% a copy), but that’s for the books that they sell themselves.

    And you’re quite right about the ebook.


  15. “Nah, she’s getting a dollar or two a copy, something like that, print doesn’t pay that much even if you self-publish, which it looks like she did. She’d be doing better to have put out an ebook alongside.”

    Ah, I see.


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