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Those Evil Stalkers who Catch Lori’s Contradictions

On facebook, Lori said this about living in trailer:


Yet, on her blog in 2014 she said this about the trailer:

Ken remembers being so happy there. I remember being so unhappy.”

When Lori accuses those for stalking her quotes is it any wonder she is uncomfortable over those who take five minutes and research or those who simply remember her saying something contrary in the past and then doing a google search that quickly shows the contradiction. I feel like with each post her life story changes to fit the agenda of that post.  In this facebook exchange, she is in a bit of a debate with a woman Lori would call a feminist and to bolster her point all of sudden she remembers being happy in the trailer when two years ago that wasn’t the story.   Also, her book is based around the story that her first 23 years of marriage were miserable. If you take that facebook quote, she says they were happy for at least a few years of marriage, which then puts into question the claims in her book. In one of those statements she is lying. She was either happy for a few years in the trailer or she was unhappy. It can’t be both.


One thought on “Those Evil Stalkers who Catch Lori’s Contradictions

  1. Ahh, that’s because the golden rule with the wifely ones is always, “you’re doing it wrong.” The facts don’t really matter because the motivation is always to knock another woman down, to make sure she knows she’s doing it wrong compared to you.


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