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“If you are truly a Christian woman…..”

On October 13 Lori claims she is no longer going to look at the reviews and would rather dwell on the lovely:



That didn’t last. On October 15 she replied to multiple Amazon reviews:

Here is one for example.

Lori should take a cue from a chapter in her book and “Let it Go”. Let it go and leave it up to God whether people buy the book or not. Let God lead and stop being such a control freak. She puts on the good godly act at her blog, turns on all the right optics by saying stuff like “dwell on the lovely”. However, its obvious that godly act is hard to follow through and keep up. At her core she still seems to have a deep need to control.

She also needs to brush up on her post here about how arguing and debating with others isn’t feminine.

This Amazon comment in the thread linked above takes the cake for today:

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 16, 2016 11:35:57 AM PDT
“If you are truly a Christian woman, you would have come privately to me as the Word tells us to do and talked to me about this instead of using the platform of Amazon to slander me and accuse me of things that I said that are false and/or out of context.”
I always love this type of response. “If you were a real Christian…..”  She is being a role model to how other women should respond in these situations, so I take it now that it is OK and godly to go around accusing people of not being a real Christian when they simply don’t agree with them or when all of her methods don’t work for everyone. Godly women are allowed to speak publicly, say harmful things, gossip about others in public, but when you have a grievance with them that has to be done behind closed doors. The public is never to see anything other than her perfect, godly image.  She seems to be having a real problem adjusting to what life is like outside of her sheltered home and blog–in the real world. This is what happens when you decide to be an author and enter the sphere of men and business. Its not for delicate snowflakes.
Let’s refer back to April’s book.  She seems to be handling it well and not getting much criticism at all. She writes on the very same topics that Lori writes on but she doesn’t get the “hate”. Let’s think about this –If all her negative reviews are because those reviewers “hate the Lord and His way”, then why do the same reviewers not go after April book (or any other woman with the same message)?  Maybe its not the message, Lori, maybe its you.  Plus, why does she care so much about what people think of her? Doesn’t it only matter what God thinks of you?

12 thoughts on ““If you are truly a Christian woman…..”

  1. Well of course it is Lori that is the problem. The people who dislike the idea of a wife submitting to her husband probably wouldn’t bother to read these kinds of books or blogs. Lori is being criticized for the same reason that so many other submission bloggers are criticized. Because of her shameful behavior and unbiblical views.


  2. April has always been kind to me and kind to other women, too. I think that makes a huge difference, the intent and motivation behind what she says and what she writes really seems to revolve around showing her sisters some love and pointing them to Christ.

    There’s a whole other group of people that are not loving at all, they are all about power and control. I’ll apologize on behalf of them, I mean I didn’t do it, but I really am sorry they hurt people and I’m sorry they try to do it in Christ’s name.


  3. I am learning a lot from Lori today on FB:
    1. The Transformed Wife “You are ignoring what Sarah said. Scripture wasn’t sufficient for her. You want to read someone’s words that don’t think the Bible is sufficient? I sure don’t. It’s sufficient for me and it is all I need for “life and godliness.”

    If scripture is all we need then we certainly don’t need Lori’s book or any other godly woman’s book.

    2. The Transformed Wife “What Jesus wants from us is to trust and obey. Sin is what separates us from Him. Walking in the Spirit is what keeps us close to Him not a bunch of flowery made up words by a woman.”

    Right, IOW, he doesn’t want the flowery made up words of Lori either. Curious to note here that “walking int he spirit is keeps us close to him” on the same entry where she posts one of her hand written things saying “Should our goal to be closer to Jesus? No.” she says.
    So, which is it– are we suppose to walk in the spirit to keep close to him or just not try to get close at all!!!

    3. The Transformed Wife “I could care less about her testimony. It’s what she said that is blasphemous”
    This is in response to talking about the “Jesus Calling” book that she hates. She has no problem leaving negative reviews and posts on that book, but when she herself gets negative reviews on her own book she gets pissy. She got a good dose of Karma there.


  4. Also I found out the review and comments Lori left I cited in this post have been deleted. The woman who left them has been too hurt by Lori and could not take it anymore.


  5. Uhhg, what a bunch of pig slop. I’m sorry you’re seeing all that. I hope you have some eyeball bleach handy.

    “Walking in the Spirit is what keeps us close to Him not a bunch of flowery made up words by a woman.”

    That’s sad. Wisdom herself, she is female. So is a folly, too I suppose. Their frequent accusations of blasphemy,the way they actually try to revoke people’s salvation, reminds me of what Christ himself faced from the leaders of His day and how many of the disciples were actually executed for alleged blasphemy. “God spoke to me,” yep, now let me stone you to death.

    Sad, but it does capture the nature of people well.


  6. Might want to check out her Facebook post for the day — all about how we ought never to become annoyed at others and being kind. And then check out her post on how our men are to rule over us — golly gee, it was the “thy husband shall rule over thee” that put me on meds for about six months because I was so depressed I didn’t want to be in my house! And why???? Because it was full of knickknacks and clutter and nothing was where I wanted it because my house was organized the way my husband wanted it…..and I was trying to keep my mouth shut.


  7. WOW! How can she not see how this relates to all her negative reviews. Gee, she seems really annoyed by those! So, we aren’t godly if we are easily annoyed, LOL, LOL, LOL. She is so annoyed she copying and pasting the same response to every single negative comment.
    This is what happens when you are a stay at homer too much– you just get so sensitive over everything and have no clue how to cope with the outside world. It must be culture shock for her to be on Amazon.


  8. TF,
    Good article. Godly women think they are better than feminists, but their tactics are the same. Don’t agree with them and you are silenced. In godlywomanville this is done by not publishing comments or trying to shut the person down by accusing them that they “hate Jesus”.


  9. I was reading Lori’s about the author section again on Amazon (its constantly being changed) and read this: “Her modest desire was to mentor younger women and coach them how to not to make the same mistakes she had made the first 20 years of marriage.” I thought I remember seeing 23 years…where did I see that? Oh yeah, on her website:
    “Ken and I had 23 years of a difficult marriage but the years since then have only been getting better and better as I apply God’s principles to my life.”

    I wish they would get their story straight. Is it 20 years of hell or 23? The back cover of says 23 too. I also think I recall years ago she said it was the first 14 years of marriage that sucked.


  10. If it was 23 years as she said at first and she’s been married for 35 years then she has had fewer happily married years than I’ve had. Maybe I should start a submission blog and write a book. I will call myself the Precocious Wife because I figured it out early on.


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