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Helping Women

What traditionalists and feminists both have in common is supposedly a strong desire to help women. Here is the kicker though- underneath all the feel good talk of wanting to help women, what they really mean is they only want to help women of their own kind. Only those who think, act, and agree 100% of the time with them are the ones they want to help.

Take Lori’s application process to get in to her chat room as an example. It reads like a legal document and I keep missing some “fine lines” every time I go over it. To get help and advice you have get all the quiz questions right 100%. You also have to disclose personal information, such as not only using your facebook account, but you have to disclose the church you go to (or I guess you can’t get help).  Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to start a local group in your community? Does she not have a group like this in her church? Rather than go through all these hoops, you actually know your participants by face to face communication and just naturally this wouldn’t get the type of people she is trying to avoid.  I have not seen Lori talk about that at all. What church does she go to since she is asking others for such info? I hope she tells those in her chat room as its only fair if they are disclosing such information. Shouldn’t that church want to promote her book?

Unlike Jesus, who met people where they were at in their walk, the godly women (and feminists) don’t do that.  You have to meet the teacher/leader/mentor at the level they are at and anyone beneath is excluded. You have to be just like them and agree with them 100% of the time. It defeats the whole purpose of always learning. Maybe women will eventually agree, but they need to talk it out. I guess then this isn’t the group for that learning style (or shall we say “learning language”).



5 thoughts on “Helping Women

  1. Imagine if Jesus had operated in this manner. This is not Christlike behavior at all! If she really wanted to be Christlike, she’d invite the tax collectors and prostitutes, not people who get 100% on her ridiculous “test”. This is really bizarre controlling behavior, but this is Lori we’re talking about.


  2. You know what, if people want to have their own echo chambers they are free to have them. It doesn’t bother most people.

    What does bother the rest of us is when we’re painted over with criticism for not meeting the criteria of the echo chamber.


  3. Oh goodness, I just read this:

    There is absolutely no man-bashing allowed and it is not permitted to advise women on what to tell their husbands to do.



  4. Maea said:

    “There is absolutely no man-bashing allowed and it is not permitted to advise women on what to tell their husbands to do.”

    HA HA HA HA!!!


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