Soap Bottles with Dresses and Appliances with Stickers

Is placing dresses on soap bottles and stickers on washer and dryers considered “beautifying your home” or stuck being an 8 year old girl.

Seriously, I have seem examples such as these on a few godly women blogs and I find it so incredibly juvenile, not beautiful at all. Do husbands really want or care for these things?  When women talk about beautifying their homes is it really for their man or really to indulge themselves in childhood whims? Like decorating your locker or trapper keeper.



5 thoughts on “Soap Bottles with Dresses and Appliances with Stickers

  1. I have seen some weird things filed under the category of “beautifying the home” as well.

    Anything my husband would like that fall in that category would cost a darn sight more than soap bottles and stickers.

    But I’m supposed to beautify the house without spending any money, so…


  2. That is a good point–the frugal aspect and you have to make do with what you have. I get this is highly a personal taste thing, just for me putting stickers on appliances seems fluffy. They are practical, functional pieces that are fine how they are. I guess its also how there was once the craze to put a toilet cover on the lid. One thing is for sure, I better not be putting stickers on my husband’s computer! Or start bedazzling the place.

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  3. There is a fine old American tradition of tacky/pointless home decor and hiding stuff like toilet paper rolls.

    In The Egg and I, one of the county fair entries is a shellacked phone book (or something along those lines). The farm women were also fond of embroidering their pillowcases so thickly that you could barely sleep on them.


  4. I thought beautifying the home according to these standards was to impress other women?

    It’s like makeup standards– beautifying one’s face. Do men really care about the “techniques” involved with blending a bunch of contouring stuff or eyeshadow?


  5. Good analogy about the makeup. Of course, because the worst sin is to be plain. The horror of a plain bottle of soap on the counter. Yikes, its naked, lets put a dress on it!
    And its true women have beautiful homes, not so much for their men, but to boast and show off by posting it to pinterest or facebook to other women.


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