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Thinking Godly Women Don’t Belittle is an Error

A woman asks Lori: “Why do you despise yourself so much that you must belittle every other woman?”

Her response: “I belittle every other woman? It surely doesn’t take into account the heart-felt emails and comments I frequently get from those who have been blessed by my ministry. I don’t belittle anyone. Yes, I will at times point out error that someone else is teaching but this is important for us to know so we won’t fall into the errors of false teachers which the Word warns about.”

Right, because calling people trolls who disagree and accusing them of hating the Lord is not belittling at all.  Only choosing to publish and reading the heartfelt emails keeps her in la-la land to the reality of how people feel about her “ministry”.  She has so convinced her self that because she gets positive comments it must mean the people who leave negative comments (that she rarely publishes) are always wrong, evil or trolls. Also, why is it OK for her to point out errors and not others? I believe it is an error for a Titus II mentor to be calling people trolls. When she disagrees with others she is simply pointing out errors yet when you disagree with her you aren’t pointing out error, but simply being an evil, Lord hating troll. Godly women believe they are above making errors so that is why seeing others as trolls is the only possible answer.

The woman also says: “You have such an empty life, Lori.”

Her response: “No, I have a very full life. I have this ministry the Lord has blessed me with. I have written a book and ventured out into making YouTubes. I have the Lord and He has promised to never leave me nor forsake me. I have everything I need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3) and I pray you will find the joy in Jesus someday that I have. Blessings.”

Because a full life is all about the Youtubes, dontcha know.  You don’t need a book or a youtube channel to have a full life. Just like I wonder with career women, why do they feel the need for all these things, I wonder the same thing about godly women. It seems like a good marriage and children just isn’t enough, they have to always be reaching for that glass ceiling.


6 thoughts on “Thinking Godly Women Don’t Belittle is an Error

  1. A woman’s husband is having an affair and she runs across a video where a woman teacher says, “If her marriage fails because she didn’t fight for it”…

    I almost threw up.


  2. Its a fight for his eternal soul….quite a load for the weaker sex. For every woman who may have won him over without a word, I can imagine there are just as many who weren’t able too because people can only change if they want to. God does not answer all our prayers. Those women must walk away feeling like such failures…its all her fault…she wasn’t able to win him over. God doesn’t listen to her.

    I noticed comments are disabled on her youtubes as you would expect.

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  3. The basis of all Lori’s “teaching” is that a woman controls her marriage and she is more moral than her husband. It’s manipulative ways to have him under your control because you are an insecure bitch who can’t leave people alone to make decisions for themselves and think you know better than others. “Let him think he’s the leader” brand submission.

    It is he antithesis of Christ. She is not at all Christlike – she is nothing but a fraudulent meddling old biddy with aspirations beyond her capabilities.


  4. Does anyone know if there is a verse of what men are suppose to do for rebellious wives? The counterpart to “win him over without a word”. Seems like since us women are generally the rebels there would be some instruction on that.
    I find it interesting that we are the weaker, trouble making sex but have the responsibility of saving man’s soul.


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