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A Charming Red Pill Woman Strikes Again

Another charming red pill woman strikes again with their oh so feminine, delicate and sweet ways of communicating. Check out this comment in response to a woman going through divorce:


“My divorce will be final next week.”

Jenny, i have to come back to this. i’m to assume that next week is in the next few days. before you finalize your divorce. these are not things you need to answer to me or publicly, but you do need to face them before God.

1. is there anything you can do to prevent the divorce? if you are a Christian, the bible doesn’t give you authority to divorce your husband. did you file or did he?

it sounds like you have no reservation leaving your children with their dad, so he must be a ‘safe’ person for them. if he’s safe for them, then he’s safe for you. there are very, very few reasons to divorce – and then even fewer than those. if at all possible, do not divorce. live separate if you must, but do not divorce.

2. you explored dating before your divorce was final? so you were still a married woman while dating?

3. it sounds like you’re trying to validate yourself through a man. that will never work. your validation must come from God, alone.

4. there is a caveat to pukeko’s 3 hobbies – as long as your children are under-age, you must put them first. your hobbies cannot take precedence over your children.

5. my first husband put me through hell, but after he left another mom who had already gone through a divorce, who knew what i’d been through (and it was really bad), said to me, “Now the hard part begins.” i didn’t quite understand it, as i couldn’t b/c i hadn’t been there. but she was right. whatever you went through in your marriage cannot begin to compare to the hell you’re about to embark on divorced. avoid the divorce if at all possible.

6. divorce is *not* THE answer, neither is it *an* answer. divorce is hell. it might taste sweet for a little while, but when reality kicks in, you will wish you had never gone there.

7. divorce will hurt, scar, and wound your children a jillion times more than it ever will you or your husband.

8. there is not another man who will be better to be the dad of your children than the one they already have. a step dad will not take his place. and regardless of how wonderful or great he might be, your kids will always want and need their own dad and their own mom.

9. it does NOT matter whose ‘fault’ it is, divorce is still hell. even if you are totally innocent, and no one is, you will still experience the full hell of divorce.

10. as Adam and Eve did not experience what it was like to have eaten the fruit from the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil until after they had done so, you will not experience the KNOWLEDGE of the hell and evil and death that divorce causes and continues to cause for the rest of your life and the lives of your children until you experience it. avoid it at all costs.

11. you won’t find a better man than your husband. you might find a different one, but all men are human – they all have their good and bad, their great and their faults. my 2nd husband is wonderful, but if i shared all his faults, you’d probably think i was nuts being married to him. but that’s true for all men. there is NO prince in shining armor out there. if you’re hoping for better next time, it won’t happen. he will still be human, and now you’ll have all the drama and stress of blending a family.

12. again, divorce solves nothing. absolutely nothing. rather, it is the beginning of a new kind of hell that you cannot even begin to imagine.

13. since you’ve already started dating before your divorce was final, you’re not listening to God. you need to stop that pattern and listen to God honestly. that will suck. you won’t like it. none of us likes to face the raw, naked truth of ourselves, but you must. if you do not, you will continue to add to your pile of hell … and that pile will dump on your kids.

14. your kids will hate you for the divorce. they can’t help it. you’ve just destroyed their lives – again it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, if you are their mom, and you are divorced, you are responsible, and you destroyed their lives.

15. yes, God can heal, but there will always be scars … the death of divorce is not a one-time thing, it’s a life-time series of continuous deaths – both big and small – and you are sentencing your children to those deaths.

Many of the other commenters on that thread get it right. Ame is being incredibly harsh, especially since she is also a divorced woman. She tells Jenny that she is  practically guaranteed a life of hell and that her children will hate her. Not even “might” hate her, but that they “will”. This certainly begs the questions (as some have mentioned), does this mean Ame is saying her own children hate her for her own divorce? Either way Ame is stuck. If the answer is yes that is an embarrassing and shameful thing to admit, so she won’t own up to it and if they don’t hate her then it is incredibly unfair to assume Jenny’s kids will hate her. From the tone of Ame’s blog it certainly doesn’t sound like her life is hell, she has gone on to remarry and apparently has a wonderful husband, but despite that she is pretty much assuring Jenny that she can’t and won’t have that second chance.

I specifically want to comment on this part:

2. you explored dating before your divorce was final? so you were still a married woman while dating?

Unbelievable to shame her for that when from what I understand Jenny’s husband was still a married man while fucking another woman. Yes, he had multiple affairs, but Jenny going out for hot chocolate with a man a few weeks before the divorce being final is of course the big sin here.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, Ame, being the good red pill girl she is, went running to the manosphere boys to vent and most likely get the reassuring pat on the head that telling a woman her kids are going to hate her was the right thing to do.

Ame says:

Yoda says:
21 November, 2016 at 5:00 pm
Wonder if women explain things to each other I do.
If so, ever resent it they would?

– – – – –

Yoda – it all depends … are you a threat to them? do they perceive you to be a threat to them? for any reason, real or imagined? do they like you? do they think you’ll make them look good? will you hurt their feelings?

sheesh … i will not link to it, but i wrote out a list of things this woman needs to think seriously about before her divorce is final this week – i shot it straight, but i wasn’t mean. i was just honest. boy-howdy … it’s time to get out the popcorn. i’m just sitting back and watching all those women bitch at me for being soooo mean to their sweet friend … while sweet friend is emailing me, telling me she agrees and likes me, and is asking for advice.

it is not even worth my time to go in and reply to any of the comments to try to explain anything because they’ve already decided i’m all sorts of things – lots of name-calling. but the truth is, i’m right. the ‘sweet friend’ even knows i’m right.

i told my girls … let this be a lesson on when to keep your mouth shut. these women will hang themselves all by themselves … they’ll even pick out the tree and get the rope. it’s.freakin.crazy!

She claims she wasn’t mean, but I am curious what the readers here think of that? I would say telling a woman her kids WILL hate her is pretty damn mean.  But, nah, she is just a straight shooter you see. Of course though, Ame can’t handle women telling it like it is back to her. She accuses all of the women on Jenny’s post as the mean ones and I saw no name-calling. Ame poked a big stick and then wants to say “it wasn’t me” and run for cover in her safe space with the boys.

Then Ame doesn’t want to provide a link to her antics because she is too afraid if her boys go there they will chew up and spit out all the women. Seriously, if that is how they will treat them (which no doubt they probably will), why as a happily married Christian woman do you want to be hanging out around men like that? One man who comments there has multiple girlfriends and I believe a child with each girlfriend, but Ame doesn’t give him a finger wagging lecture, rather she flirts with him and hams it up. A married woman going on one casual date a few weeks before her divorce is far more worse than a married woman chatting it up online with boys who talks like this:

Is there anything still on the Ton’s “bucket list? If so, what?
Yes. Knock all the hot blonde bitches….and all the hot brunettes….. and the redheaded ones….and that bitch with the crazy hair I saw a picture of….. and that bad ass Asian bitch at the bagel store…. and those two chicks at the coffee shop…..the girl at the gym…. I banged a chick who was an Olympic alternate….like to knock her up…”

Ame says:

thanks, Spawny.

i’ll leave it out. y’all would chew these lady commenters up and spit them out – i’d let you if i thought it’d do any good.

tehe – i even got ‘accused’ of spending too much time in the manosphere! *rolling eyes* whatever.

And yes, the comment about her spending too much time in the manosphere is true. It damages a woman. I know. I have been there and done that. There is absolutely no need for a supposed happily married woman to be hanging around a group of socially inept boys online grabbing for attention. There was no need for her even to tell the boys this story if she wasn’t seeking some positive attention from them. She told them just enough so she could feel cool and in their club and strategically did not provide the link to spare the mean girls from their wrath because she likes to play both sides. Doesn’t want to piss off the crowd at Jenny’s too much, but also wants to go boasting to the boys about “look at me, I let a woman have it, just like you cool men do”.


7 thoughts on “A Charming Red Pill Woman Strikes Again

  1. Hahaha those guys keep thinking you’re calling yourself “Charming,” Stone! haha talk about projection and only wanting to see what they believe is there!

    And BS on supposedly trying to cull Ame “back to the herd.” This is one of the few places where we can criticize both camps of the herd. Ame’s feathers are ruffled because she was called out? It’s the internet.


  2. I know, it’s pretty hilarious. I was sarcastically calling Ame charming but it went right over them. And I think it’s quite clear I am not a red pill woman. RPW are allowed to go around calling out and pointing fingers, makes them look bad ass to the men, but other women can’t dare criticize their own precious snowflakes!


  3. This is exactly why I believe there are “manosphere-approved-women,” aka MAWs. Only they are able to spend inordinate amounts of time on the manosphere and find themselves within the favor of their orbiters. That’s what it is and none of them realize it.


  4. Look what else she says:

    Ame says:
    22 November, 2016 at 5:28 am
    thanks, Spawny.

    i’ll leave it out. y’all would chew these lady commenters up and spit them out – i’d let you if i thought it’d do any good.

    tehe – i even got ‘accused’ of spending too much time in the manosphere! *rolling eyes* whatever.

    It’s like she’s egging them on to engage because she wants to “let’s see you and them fight”! Oh golly, this is too rich. Maybe she should take her own advice and shut her own trap.


  5. SFC Ton says:
    25 November, 2016 at 3:47 am
    Listen to girls is silly

    Unless she is saying “Daddys, I’ve been naughty and need a spanking”

    Otherwise, I promise you she doesn’t have much useful information to rely

    Liked by 1 person

    Ame says:
    25 November, 2016 at 3:51 am
    haha, Ton! when are we ever *not* naughty?!😉

    oops … perhaps one should define *naughty*🙂

    That’s Christian married women for you…


  6. Whenever I see supposedly Christian women talking to strange men online like that, it leads me to wonder what that woman has to prove to those men.

    If a woman is married, why is she talking to other men about spanking, especially so lewdly in a public space?


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