On those “Dangerous” Hypocritical Godly Women

Lori is saying what she teaches isn’t dangerous, but yet just a mere few months ago she is praising the Dangerous Women Conference and saying that all women are dangerous. This is done in a very upbeat “go girl power” sort of way that the feminists use “nasty women”. Christians are to be “dangerous women” and feminists “nasty women”. Got it!  She does say though women are to be dangerous towards their enemy, not their families; however the spirit of the post comes across very feminist. Its confusing when Lori says “all women are dangerous”, but then insists that she isn’t. There at least needs to be a better word. How can she get upset with people who say she is dangerous when she declared “all women are dangerous”.

A reread of this part of the post from “All Women are Dangerous” is interesting now in light of Lori claiming to be threatened in November. Lori says in June:

“Do not be threatened by rude comments people make about you or your family. They make such comments because they are threatened by your family and by your joy {which can only come from Christ, it is a light that shines}. Let them feel threatened; don’t feel threatened yourself. Your security is in Christ.”

That right there is her own advice and then on November 4 she says:


So, wait Lori, based on your own words you shouldn’t feel threatened. Your security is in Christ not what what some anonymous person online says. Have faith God will protect you and go along your merry way. I have very strong doubts there was any real threatening going on anyway, rather there were disagreements that godly women only ever see as threats.

I can’t ever take anyone seriously who does not follow their own advice and this is a perfect example. This is how Lori is dangerous, although that may be too strong of a word. At the very least she says one thing and does another and this is who is held up as a role model to young women.

Speaking of hypocrites, in another stroke of irony, yesterday Lori posts this bible commentary:

“From Barnes’ Notes on the Bible: “That is, your conduct is such as to lead the pagan world to blaspheme and reproach both your religion and its Author. By your hypocrisy and crimes the pagan world is led to despise a religion which is observed to have no effect in purifying and restraining its professors; and of course the reproach will terminate on the Author of your religion – that is, the true God. A life of purity would tend to honor religion and its Author; a life of impurity does the reverse.”

That commentary gets it right. Secular people will despise the religion (note religion, not God) when they see its followers are all a bunch of hypocrites. This kept me away from Christianity forever and then I figured one day to give it a try looking for something set apart from the world and a good deal of the women I met were more women of the world. Nasty, dangerous, mean girls from high school. They start out sweet and demure and that is how they suck you in. Of course Christians and godly women refuse to take any accountability for this, to admit that they might be stumbling blocks, rather the blame is placed on the “baby Christian” for just not being as wise as them.  Christians do so much to push people away and I don’t even think they care. I think they like being that special group of chosen ones, “the remnant”, those who walk the narrow path (being so narrow on the chosen few can sit next to them) so they can turn up their nose at everyone else. It really is just like the mean girl cliques in high school.


I look for people now as those who say what they mean and mean what they say as role models (no matter their faith or other lifestyle). There are several people in my life that aren’t Christian or religious at all but they have showed more godliness and Christian charity than those who are Christian ™.


2 thoughts on “On those “Dangerous” Hypocritical Godly Women

  1. Also why are godly women so focused on what others think of them? Aren’t they suppose to be focused on the Lord and pleasing him?

    I don’t like to say this, but even “godly” women aren’t immune to the typical behaviors associated with women, and when women self-appoint leadership and “minister.”

    I was reading a post from Matt Walsh the other day where the women in the comments were arguing back and forth about whether or not SAHM caring for the home were more esteemed, or women who worked to help provide were more esteemed. Then a woman made a really, really good point: women should spend less time trying to prove to each other that what they are doing is working, and be more concerned about proving it to their husbands and families.

    That right there, could shed a lot of light on the hypocrisy with these supposed godly women. As wives, we are accountable to God and our husbands and quite frankly the way a woman conducts herself in family life speaks more loudly than trying to prove she is wifing, being a submissivenista, etc.

    Lori is unintentionally hilarious. If women are dangerous, and if I’m correct in my observation that she ascribes to the “All Women Are Like That,” then she is also dangerous.


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