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Preachers can’t Preach the Truth because of Women Like You

Lori responds today to a reader who asks why she doesn’t scold men.

“3) preach the Scripture as readily and as easily to husbands, about laying down their lives for their wives and living with their wives in an understanding way, and honoring her,”

Like I said above, I am not supposed to teach men anything and there are many preachers who preach this to men but most are afraid to teach women to submit to and obey their husbands because of women like you.

“…because of women like you.” Like YOU! See how nasty that comes across. Preachers don’t preach what they are suppose to preach because of YOU! Its not that the preachers are weak pansies, it’s the woman’s fault that preachers can’t preach and men can’t be men. Seriously, I can’t state it enough,  if a preacher is afraid to preach what men need to hear and if men are afraid to talk to fellow men what they need to hear, they are a bunch of weak pussies. Men are so incredibly fearful of women and they don’t understand how this is such an incredibly huge turn off.  No empathy or compassion either in her response. For 20 some years Lori was once one of those horrible women, “a women like you” but that is now long forgotten so she can’t relate to anyone who is perceived as lesser.

If you dig through her old blog, you can find many examples where Lori has taught men. I am so tired of this standard played out line from godly women “I don’t teach men.” This is used as a pass for just about everything. Many men who have a crappy sex life have taken comfort on Lori’s blog and she has in the past given tips to these men on how to handle their wives. Or perhaps though its correct that she doesn’t teach men, rather she consoles and comfort men and tell them what their itching ear want to hear.

“Pastors, elders, and deacons are the ones to teach men and they do tell men how they are to treat their wives. Feminists regularly scold men! If I told women how their husbands should be acting, however, it would just make the women more dissatisfied with their husbands.”

They may be the ones to teach men; however, the pastors, elders, and deacons are too afraid of women to teach men what they need to know. So, its simply not getting done. What does it say about men that these Titus II women have more balls to call things out directly than many of the so called leading men. The Titus II women are the new leaders in a lot of ways. Men can’t find men to teach so they start circling around Titus II women blogs hoping for their teacher.

Plus, she does tell women how men are suppose to be acting, all godly women do. They say all men are to be leaders, the head of the family, godly, command men, but a good chunk of women simply don’t have that and it certainly can lead to dissatisfaction. Then its usually said or implied that if you don’t have a leading man, its because you aren’t letting him lead, because of course a leader needs permission (from a woman, the weaker sex) to lead his own family.


2 thoughts on “Preachers can’t Preach the Truth because of Women Like You

  1. Right on cue, Ken responds:

    “Lori is a voice crying in a wilderness where preachers will no longer touch these subjects concerning wives because the epidemic of feminism has infiltrated their church and perhaps their own home. It only takes a couple Pamkitten’s to throw a minister off his message as a “woman shamer.” And is that not the world we live in today that if we don’t like the message instead of using the facts of God’s Word we find name calling and generalizations? Pam Kitten, go to your Bible and read it and find that what Lori is teaching comes directly out of God’s Word and is a message given directly to women, for women. The message to men was learned long ago, but the message to Christian women is garbled in this modern church age and needs clarity if Christian marriages are to be saved and learn to thrive in joy love the way God intended.”

    You see, men are so weak and pathetic it just takes a few women like this alleged awful Pamkitten (awful to them because she expressed disagreement) to distract them from their message. A man of God, who is supposedly called to preach and lead the flock by God, stumbles over a few women. Its laughable. Seems like if God wants the message spread so much he should appoint stronger leaders. Lori is a crying voice in the wilderness, iow, one of the few men or women with balls to lead.

    Oh and he mentions name calling? Like how Lori calls people trolls who disagree with her.

    Right, men learned the message long ago what they are suppose to do so therefore new generations don’t need to be taught. What a great excuse too…”we already know what to do so if their is a problem in marriage it must be because the woman has to be taught”. Knowing what you have to do an actually doing it are so completely different. So many people know the right thing….


  2. It is ridiculous to me that they blame this lack of teaching on feminism. There were contentious women in the Bible. It didn’t just become a thing in the sixties. Preachers aren’t teaching what Titus 2 bloggers teach because so much what they say is extreme and unbiblical and more about the ego of the blogger than about actually helping people.
    Plenty of preachers teach about biblical marriage, but we are supposed to believe that they are all getting it wrong and that self appointed Titus 2 teachers have it right.


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