What is so Wrong with Comfort?

Its selfish of course for a woman to want to be comfortable in what she wears. Basically, I really get the sense that its just selfish for women to be alive. I suggest all godly women go back to wearing corsets. I mean isn’t it selfish to not have such tight restriction around you waist? How classless that women aren’t wearing corsets anymore! Of course I hate to thank feminism and the progressive movements, but I imagine that is how women came to be able to breathe and not be constricted.

The constantly talked about yoga pant debate is truly a matter for the husband to decide if he wants his wife wearing them. For those though that long for the traditional days when people dressed and acted more refined, they should walk the talk and get out of yoga pants, start wearing corsets. Its always so easy to blog or comment about how its so sad people don’t dress like they once did and then turn around and go run that errand in their yoga pants. To change the culture you must start with yourself.


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