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Traditionalists often don’t Consider Inflation

Again traditionalist minded people on about how families of large sizes made it by with so little money. They always forget to tell the reader one thing though.

“The only debt the Fatzingers carried was the mortgage on their home, which is now paid off. Get that. No car loans, home improvement loans or sustained credit card balances. Sam is a stay at home mom who homeschools her children through high school. Granted, the household income is $110K, which is well above the US average but it wasn’t always so. In the 1990’s, Rob and Sam owned a bookstore and never made above $36K per year. The book store closed in 2000 and Rob got into computer software with his income rising from $40K per year to its current level.”

Based on the context of this paragraph it doesn’t sound like that 36K is converted for inflation in today’s dollars. He said the 1990s, so I went with 1995 for an inflation calculation and got that 36K in 1990s dollar’s is 57K in today’s dollars. I can’t stand the misleading by traditionalist who can’t figure out how time and money work. So someone today making 36K may read something like this and left scratching their head wondering why they can’t make it work.


4 thoughts on “Traditionalists often don’t Consider Inflation

  1. Oh this is so funny….Amy quoted this quote from the fatzinger wife…
    :“I have this ‘Don’t mess with me’ reaction. I’m not your typical, quiet, passive woman.”

    Yet this carnivore guy who in his rush to get all giddy that this wife is the unicorn super woman proclaims “what a feminine woman!”

    So maybe feminine is don’t mess with me non passive attitude, they can’t have it both ways. I don’t think research was done on the family…its just a knee jerk wow look at at super wife and like them ..reaction!

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  2. For every large family that was able to make it without debt, there are many more families that are struggling with debt. Trads only showcase the unicorns while ignoring the majority of families which are struggling. Note how the couple had multiple jobs, so there wasn’t any traddie husband-sole-breadwinner stuff going on. There’s nothing wrong with hustling, and the original article actually mentions it, but carnivore’s post glosses over the reality.

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