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Respect ALL Men

Lots to comment on today. I refreshed facebook to see if there were anymore comments and as predicted the entire discussion I commented on just an hour ago or so in my previous post is GONE! I see why Lori tells women not to hang around social media and the internet. If you follow too closely you see things before she gets a chance to delete or pull the weeds from her manicured garden.

The reason for this post is to share her latest “share”.


I use to think that way. That you are to respect ALL men for simply having a penis. It doesn’t matter what they do, they should be bowed down to and worshiped even if you have no relationship with them. Imagine that– a boyfriend of two weeks gets the same respect and attention as a father, grandfather, or husband. It just doesn’t equate.  The manosphere loves stuff like this because they don’t want to have to earn respect. If this is how women should treat ALL men, then there really is no incentive for men to get married, be fathers, or grandfathers because the respect they receive will be given anyway by virtue of having a penis and simply being a boyfriend of two weeks.  Lazy men love this as they don’t have to lead either. I am all for respecting your husband and men in your family and doing all those things on that list, but to give automatic respect to ALL men simply for being men that you have no relationship with is where it gets nutty.

Take “never ignore him” for example. What if all men want a woman’s attention at the same time. Sorry, but the husband is the one that doesn’t get ignored, all other men, like men online who want a response to a comment–have to wait or get nothing at all.  I use to feel like I had to juggle all these men to keep them happy and entertained when really it just makes you a respect whore, going around dishing out respect to any man. Respect, like virginity, looses its value if its cheaply given away left and right and it just encourages men to continue to be lazy and not improve themselves if they can get the same respect online from a woman as they would in real life.

Also, on the “never look away or text while he is talking point”. What about changing a diaper or cooking dinner while talking to your husband? Happens all the time! By not making eye contact does not mean you aren’t respecting, it means women are trying to multi-task and run a household. The texting point I agree with though as usually that can wait, but changing a diaper or making sure the food doesn’t burn—not so much. But then again, if we are not to ignore all men…..what if your husband is trying to talk to you and your father is texting you—which one do you choose to give your sole attention to? Afterall they ALL need to be treated this way because they are men, so strong, but yet ego so hurt if you don’t cater to all of them. It’s so confusing.


7 thoughts on “Respect ALL Men

  1. Lori says:
    “The Transformed Wife I refer to points 1-14 for husbands, however, we are called to treat others, meaning everyone, better than ourselves and love them as we love ourselves.”

    Everyone except trolls that is or those subjectively determined as such. Don’t like what someone says and no love for them.


  2. Um….that list could also be applied in reverse by putting woman, her, or she. Most of it is just basic respect you would show anyone of goodwill, especially a spouse. Some of the list can only be applied where a specific relationship would warrant it and does not apply to anyone off the street. Notice the “goodwill” part. Some people don’t deserve that kind of respect because they are not respectful of others themselves or don’t have a relationship with us that requires that level of respect.


  3. In more “traditional” times, women never gave this amount of attention out to their men all the time.because were separate gender spheres. Other countries which have more strict cultural mores of gender relations operate that way, too, and giving out this level of attention to some 2-week boyfriend is inappropriate, if not scandalous. Notice how Lori waxes about traditionalism, but doesn’t actually talk about promoting real traditional social structure. Isn’t it also funny how she advocates for leading and patriarchy, but fails to see how her list would null and void the structure of hierarchy?

    It is amazing to see how modern pro-traddy women fall into the trap of ignoring cultural history and tradition…all while LARPing about “tradition.” A lot of this “advice” is the product of modern, individualistic thinking and approach to gender norms and relations. Ha! How ironic that this is supposed to be advocating for some kind of “traditionalism.”

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  4. Maea,
    Yes, that reminds fact if women really wanted to be traditional today…they would be borderline lesbian..
    Take this snippet from “The Way We Never Were”.

    “Victorian middle class families were not the centers of male female intimacy that twentieth century commentators generally imagine. They were built on passionate female bonds that frequently took precedence over relations within the nuclear family. While the husband-wife relationship was often conventional and reserved, people routinely endorsed intimacies among women that would be thought scandalous by many in today’s supposedly more broad minded society. In a typical diary, for example, a woman might accord her husband only a few lines but rhapsodize for pages over her love for a school friend. If the friend came to visit, the husband would be banished to the parlor while the two women spent the night “embracing,” “pinching” each other, and exchanging confidences.

    Perfectly respectable Victorian women wrote to each other in terms such as these “I hope for you so much, and feel so eager for you… that the expectation once more to see your face again, makes me feel hot and feverish.” They recorded the “furnace blast” of their “passionate achievements” to each other, extolled each other’s “sweet soft lips” and “lily white hands”, and counted the hours until they could lie in bed “caressing” each other again. They carved their initials into trees, set flowers in front of one another’s portraits, danced together, kissed, held hands, and endured intense jealousies over rivals or small slights.

    Today if a woman died and her son or husband found such diaries or letters in her effects, he would probably destroy them in rage or humiliation. In the nineteenth century, these sentiments were so respectable that surviving relatives often published them in elegies or donated the diaries and letters to libraries”

    You could say women then gave ALL their respect to women and this really was because of the separate spheres. It was very much “you stay in your world, I’ll stay in mine”.

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  5. Stone,

    That was…interesting.

    To this day, there’s something a lot like that in modern female friendships. Married women often have emotional intimacy with each other that would be WAY inappropriate if directed toward a man.

    I agree with previous remarks that a) Lori’s list works for both genders as far as it works but that b) there need to be gradations in intimacy, and it’s pretty inappropriate to be treating a boyfriend of two weeks with the same respect and deference as one’s father or grandfather?

    Whither patriarchy if there’s no respect bonus for patriarchs?


  6. Oi. I’ve been angrily accused of being an “anti-feminist” as far back as tenth grade and I’m 46 now. And even when I see these lists applied only to husbands they bother me. I think our modern world suffers terribly for having no idea what the word respect actually means. It’s a biblical concept that women are fellow heirs with their husbands, not something inferior. But where the Bible teaches how to admonish people in positions of authority respectfully when they need it many people write similar lists and rules that say that women should never correct a man who is in sin. (This example list didn’t have that one.)

    And this strictly rule (that this particular list does include) of never telling anything about him to anyone else is simply a way of enforcing abuse on women when they ought to be able to follow a biblical model of addressing his sins when he needs a fellow heir to do so. To tell women to treat all men as equally in authority over them is a severely twisted and dangerous false teaching. To tell them to keep it to themselves when they are being mistreated really isn’t any better.

    I appreciate you speaking against this one, although I have no idea who Lori is. 😉


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