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The Endless Whine of “Men are just wired that way” and “more visual”

In the never ending yoga pants discussion, there is this one man who keeps popping up:

“Women, if you think yoga pants are all about you and your comfort and men will shield their eyes, this image sums up what we see. Young or old. Married or not. Christian or not. You attack me and thats fine but when you walk out like this every heterosexual man will wait for you to pass then watch you walk away until youre gone. It’s not sick. We’re wired that way. And a good many of those non believers and even some Christians will think about you later. Or your teen daughter in yoga pants. Im trying to help and some, who arent worrh naming, are too arrogant to see truth. Hopefully someone is smart enough to deny feminism and ses truth. Or just keep hating me.”

I don’t even wear yoga pants but I feel a need to defend women who do (and that is nuts). It is getting so disgusting seeing these weak, whiny men who can’t control themselves. The old “men are visual” line is always brought out as an excuse. Well, how about “women are emotional”, does that mean we don’t have to control ourselves and can cry or have tantrums whenever prompted by our emotions as men are prompted by their eyes. Only every pervert waits and watches you pass until you are gone. Not every normal man.

“We’re wired that way.” This is another tired line just like “men are visual”.  Again, can women use that excuse too for being emotional? “Sorry guys, I can’t help having a tantrum, can’t help being a bitch, its just the way I am wired, the way God made me”.  A woman who said that would be descended upon with manosphere pitchforks, but we are suppose to go easy on the poor men, the allegedly stronger sex, who just can’t help themselves.  I doubt this man would buy the argument from a gay person that he is “just wired that way”. Nope, the standard line is God doesn’t make you that way, you choose to be that way. If you want to follow that reasoning, likewise, for heterosexual men, God doesn’t wire you to stare at every women who walks by until she is out of sight. That is your choice and free will to follow her. You can take notice, but then make a better choice to turn the other way and get back to your business.

“I’m trying to help”. When will Christians and people in general realize that what can be so offensive is not the topic you are preaching but that you are butting-in with unsolicited advice and help. I will immediately shut out anyone who tries to insert themselves when I don’t ask for it. You know what the better solutions is if you want to help someone? Quietly pray for them.  I have no doubt the woman this man is debating with are now more resolute feminists than ever before. The larger question here is do Christians really care to help people or are they more in it for an ego boost and to prove they are right? This same man says in the same thread “Whatever you say. I dont care what you think. Im right.” There is no God’s love in that response, only worldly pride.


7 thoughts on “The Endless Whine of “Men are just wired that way” and “more visual”

  1. Yep, making the effort to turn around (rather than keep moving forward through self-mastery) and watch until she is out of site, is lusting in your heart. Every woman’s ass isn’t yours to ogle to your hearts content. Should the woman dress modestly? Yes. If she doesn’t, it’s on him to stay out of sin.


  2. When it comes to modesty, whether it’s yoga pants, leggings, or pants, I’ve noticed it doesn’t matter how loose, modest, or fitted the clothing is, there is always a man who notices, allows his thoughts to go beyond the line, and then blames it on the woman. I’ll start taking these complaints more seriously when Christian men stop ignoring modestly dressed women for the hot woman showing more skin that is more exciting. Notice how these guys never write anything praising modest women, such as how it was nice for them to see that display of feminine expression, but they sure like to look at yoga pants.


  3. Maea, that is a good point. Seriously, where is the line drawn. A pretty face can have the same affect on a man to prompt sex fantasies. Should we all go full burqa in the west?


  4. Then they’d complain about how we’re wearing burqas and how you can’t tell if a woman’s hair is long enough, if she’s fat or not, or if she wears makeup, wears too much, isn’t beautiful, etc.


  5. Classic manosphere logic:

    Women acting on “gina tingles” = bad
    Men acting on “hard (heh) wiring” = don’t hate on me it’s natural

    If it weren’t for all their macho posturing, you’d think the anusphere were trying to out b!tch the b!tches.


  6. @ Aethelfrith

    LMAO nearly sputtered my soda.

    Here’s one thing I’d like to add to my post about how these guys never acknowledge the women who are modest– where were they when there were men out there acknowledging modest women and styles, and the feminists went after them? Guys For Modesty used to have a pinterest board, and I saw it more of a recognition and appreciation for modest feminine expression than a “guys telling women what to do.” The feminists attacked the board and it was taken down, and the corresponding blog post was also down. Where were the manospherians? Especially in light of the fact those pinterest board was acknowledging the existence of modesty, something the ‘spherians are complaining about not seeing.

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