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Getting Sick is a Choice

According to Lori Alexander getting sick is a choice and medical bills that send you to bankruptcy are no excuse either.

This comes from this old post in which she says its unchristian and basically selfish to file bankruptcy, even if the bills are medical or caused by severe hardship. The brunt of her posts assumes people are just irresponsible spenders, but when someone brought up medical expenses, this was the response:


Funny to be saying that as Lori is an allegedly sick person herself. I guess all her illnesses were her choice because of what she ate, yet ironically she is the health nut. Diseases asides, are accident a choice? A drunk driver hits you and you are disabled, how is that your choice?! The baby who dies from a genetic disorder?  Let’s be good Christians now and blame them all! Its so easy to say these things when you have a provider husband and probably good insurance your entire life.

Its true that medical expenses and other hardships are the leading causes that lead to bankruptcy. The frivolous spending she talks about is 15%.  Everyone knows that even with insurance medical bills can still be costly. I once had a bill for 2K for a minor hospital visit that turned out to be nothing and that was after insurance. I was there 4 hours and the hospital charged 8K. It was paid for out of savings because I am sooooo gawdly, but there are millions of families who can’t. My heart aches for those in severe situations and then to have to hear that their illness and medical bills are their choice or their fault is one of the most heartless things a Christian can say.


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