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She Doesn’t Teach Men

Lori is always on and on about how she doesn’t teach men. Well, some guy doesn’t understand the proverbs 31 woman correctly, so Lori had to explain to him in a whole post what the proverbs 31 woman did or rather PROBABLY did. She points him to scripture and everything, but I guess this isn’t teaching.



2 thoughts on “She Doesn’t Teach Men

  1. As someone once told me, sometimes it’s all about whose ox it is, and who’s doing the goring. Different people get a different set of expectations and rules.

    It reminds me a lot of “liberty for me, but not for thee”!


  2. The man was trolling her a bit, but he had a point in that it wasn’t normal for women not to contribute financially. Lori seems to think that you either live like the stereotypical middle class wife in the 1950s or you are in feminist sin.


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