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Lord, Save us From the Godly Women

Lori is celebrating her 6th blogging anniversary today and this is from her first post:

“I had a light bulb moment the other day. I HATE it when Ken “criticizes” me…Other people can do it, but when he does my feathers get ruffled. I was listening to a program the other day and the man was saying his wife had to realize that when he was correcting her, it was just that…correction, not criticism. I thought, “WOW! I need to take Ken’s criticism as correction and learn from it!”

I have such a need to be perfect that I needed to realize I’m far from perfect and listen to his correction and learn…My pride and ego get in the way. Proverbs says a wise man listens to rebuke. Iron sharpens iron. Always learning…”

So, I have to ask, can other people really criticize her or correct her? It certainly hasn’t been my experience or many others even when done in the most gentlest, kindest way. Her need for perfection and never being wrong is as strong as ever.

“The first time I was blasted by critical and mean comments, it frightened me but now I know this happens to all who speak the truth because they hate the Truth (God).”

Here we go again. Those who criticize correct her, hate God. If you have any disagreement with her you hate Truth and you hate God. I can’t express how incredibly offensive this is and what a great disservice it does to Christianity.  How easy it is to never have to learn or grow when you can just dismiss any challenging comment you don’t want to deal with as false and from a God-hater.

I am thankful for the group of women here who don’t take such a nasty attitude and don’t have a knee jerk “you hate God” reaction to anyone who disagrees with them. I think we all help each other in our own what would probably be labeled “ungodly” ways. There are plenty of women who need healing after being caught up in a world of godly women or extreme traditionalism. There is a book called “Lord, Save Us from your Followers” and really that is the aim of this blog -“Lord, save us from the godly women”.  A place for those rejected as trolls and God-haters for merely asking questions and trying to learn.

“God has blessed my small seeds planted and today I have a new blog, make YouTubes, published a book (which we have lowered to $9.95 for good), and am in the process of maybe writing another one. I have never been interested in doing all of this as a way to make money. Thankfully, Ken works very hard and is a good provider. I didn’t want to be beholden to advertisers. I want to speak Truth plainly and not be afraid of losing those who I advertise.”

Yup, she has a fresh shiny blog, a youtuber, writes books, she has a career now.  NEVER interested in making money? Yet her book was ranged in price from $12-14 for the first five months or so. God just convicted her with that humble thought now?  Generally, book prices are lowered when they aren’t selling and they are trying to get more sales. Why make a book at all and charge for it? Everything you can say in a book you can say on a blog for FREE to all the women she supposedly wants to help (if its really about not making money). I see this is as a reasonable question, but if I were to ask it I would be accused of being against God, for hating truth.


4 thoughts on “Lord, Save us From the Godly Women

  1. I think one mark of the “godly” as opposed to the actual godly woman is being really bad at horizontal or peer relationships. “Godly” women (as opposed to actual godly women) are bad at give and take and aren’t good at being friends to other women. They want to go straight to being teachers and mentors (the advanced course) without having learned to be a friend (the entry level course). How often do we hear from these women that they don’t have women friends or that none of the other women at church or school are good enough to be friends with?

    Also, they want to teach and to lead without performing service to the women they are teaching and leading–which goes against John 13 (the footwashing story).

    The lack of horizontality isn’t just a problem with regard to friendship, but also a problem with regard to treatment of adult children and in-laws. While it might work to have a purely vertical relationship with small children, in our culture, it’s necessary to learn a more horizontal approach to dealing with teens and young adult children. And that is certainly the case with new in-laws! In 2017 America, a new daughter-in-law or son-in-law is not going to kowtow to their mother-in-law.


  2. How often do we hear from these women that they don’t have women friends or that none of the other women at church or school are good enough to be friends with?

    Yes! This is a huge red flag. You have be pretty delusional to believe that you are that much better than other people. And usually the sense of superiority is based on disagreement over some weird and arbitrary standard.


  3. Nonya said:

    “And usually the sense of superiority is based on disagreement over some weird and arbitrary standard.”



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