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Always Lecturing

I have to break down Lori’s comment policy post:

“Normally, I don’t write posts on Saturday and Sunday but I felt compelled to write one today to explain my comment policy. I have done this in the past, but it needs to be explained again. My blog is a teaching blog. I am not going to publish comments that teach things that are contrary to what I teach. If you have an honest question, that is great, but I get comments that are longer than my post explaining why what I just wrote about is all wrong. I want you to know that I won’t publish this type of comment.”

Its a TEACHING blog. Not a LEARNING blog. I think that is a key insight to remember. You don’t come there to learn necessarily, you come there to be lectured, told, or scolded. She won’t tolerate things contrary to her agenda. Honest questions are only great apparently if they are short. Sometimes long explanations are needed. I guess she thinks if you spent more time writing your comment then she did on her post, it makes her look bad.  Although, I don’t think its the length that bothers her, its the disagreeing. She allows very long comments from Dave and Trey, which she later turns into posts. As a man you can write a long comment saying how denying sex is emotional abuse to men, but if a woman writes a long comment talking about emotional abuse then all of a sudden emotional abuse isn’t real and therefore doesn’t get published. I wouldn’t bother blogging if I knew my honest, kind (but sometimes long) comment questions would be acknowledged elsewhere. I like discussing a lot of topics, but you have to maintain your own blog just so you don’t spend an hour on something all for it be trashed.

I don’t agree with every single comment I publish but I will usually explain underneath it why I don’t or ask Ken to do it. Then I will allow other comments under it that explain their thoughts about it. Sometimes it’s good to have some of those who have a different viewpoint from me to see what the arguments for or against it are and always try to point to the truth of God’s Word.

So you can disagree, but keep it short. See above. If you do get a disagreeing comment through, its a token comment, so it doesn’t look like she is too hardcore. Kinda like its good to hire that one black person so we don’t look racist, but no more than one! How do we know though that the disagreeing comment she lets through is the comment in its entirety. She admits to editing comments, so she might take out a pertinent piece of information.

I try hard to only teach the truth of the Bible and from my experiences as being married over 36 years and raising four children to adulthood and now having grandchildren. No, I am not God nor do I claim to know everything perfectly but I share my views and interpretations of God’s Word concerning biblical womanhood, then you need to come to your own convictions. I am not going to water down the Word to fit with every exception. I will teach what God has commanded older women to teach and allow His Word to convict and challenge women’s thinking since His Word alone does not come back void.

Her experiences of marriage are not the same as other woman’s.  She says she doesn’t claim to know everything perfectly, BUT the first paragraph she says she gets comments explaining why she is WRONG. Maybe that is because she can be WRONG at times, she admits she doesn’t know everything perfectly, so maybe, just maybe some of those lengthy comments have a point, that she can LEARN From them. But, no no, her blog has never been about “Always Learning” despite her former title.  Its Always Lecturing. If what she teaches is so True, then God’s power will draw women to the truth despite comments that disagree or are untrue to God’s word. Truth is suppose to be a beacon of light, right? So, why are Christians so afraid that contrary opinions will distract from this great beacon of light?

If you worked a long time on a long comment that directly contradicts what I have written, please expect that it won’t be published. If it is a cruel comment, I will either not publish it or edit it to take out the cruel words. I have this right since it’s my blog. Just as you wouldn’t like my dog pooping on your yard and leaving it there, I don’t allow others to poop all over my blog and Facebook page since it takes away and distracts from what I am trying to teach. If you don’t like what I teach, you don’t have to read it. Believe me, I don’t have much power to change anyone’s mind or actions. Only God has the power to do this and each individual as they have the freedom to obey His Word or not.

In other words if she doesn’t agree with what you write, it won’t be published. If it doesn’t match up to her experiences, it won’t be published.  If you disagree or have a different experience, your experience and opinion is comparable to dog poop. Cruel is highly subjective. Cruel generally doesn’t mean it was a cussed filled, personal attack comment; rather it means the commenter had a different experience or just didn’t praise her or praise her loud enough.

It is hard for some people to learn when you can’t have discussion and can’t honestly share your mind and experiences. So, Lori’s blog works for those who learn best via lectures. It does not work well for those who prefer a more socratic method. I like to question things and in the areas that Lori teaches there is a lot to be questioned. It is not like she is teaching math or science; although, I know to the very religious what they believe is as certain as 2+2=4. For those though whose faith is always on shaky ground, they need someone who can answer honest questions, no matter how long and not be offended when the person doesn’t always agree with them.

To close, yes Lori is certainly free to handle comments however she wants. One reason this blog exists is so that I am free to share my opinions without worry of them being deleted or edited and so that I too can reserve the right to block comments if I feeeeeeeel (remember fickle women emotions) they are cruel. Its great that we all can have freedom of speech.


One thought on “Always Lecturing

  1. Look at this exchange:

    Lori Alexander says:
    February 26, 2017 at 4:57 am
    Karen, it is because every comment you make on my blog is critical and this is why I don’t publish them and I even edited this comment.

    In answer to one of your comments, why shouldn’t men be able to comment on my blog? They fully know that this blog is for women and they like reading a blog that teaches women the ways of godly womanhood. They live with a wife, some have daughters, were raised by a woman, and deal with many women, plus they know how men think so we can learn a lot from them and their perspective.

    Meg says:
    February 26, 2017 at 12:21 pm
    It can be good to know how men think in general, but it is important to remember knowing how your husband thinks is what really matters. Women need to learn her own husband’s mind and ways rather than focus on what specific men say they want.

    Lori Alexander says:
    February 26, 2017 at 2:10 pm
    There are a lot of men who are afraid to tell their wives what they really think for fear of being labeled a “pervert” or worse, Meg. Women tend to be overly sensitive and don’t want to know how men think because it will “hurt their feelings.”

    What the…..?? So, once again the reoccurring theme of fearful weak men who can’t speak up for themselves. Labeled a pervert? Why does she assume Meg’s comment is about sex? Of course her male commenters generally only chime in when its about sex, so maybe that is why. It sounds like she is suggesting it is better for women to read the advice from men at her blog than listen to their own husbands (because men are just too afraid to communicate their needs).

    No wonder marriages are such a mess. Women are married to weak men who can’t tell their wives what they want, so rather than husbands and wives having good communication, wives have to get online and talk to other men about what men want and how they think than do all this guesswork and hoping and praying that is indeed the same thing her husband will want.


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