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Woman’s Day Off

After performing all my womanly duties this morning to rave reviews, I learned I am suppose to be taking the day off to prove “what on earth will everyone do without me”. Darn!

Seriously, this is the most ridiculous thing ever. What would be great is if all the unemployed men stepped in and offered to substitute teach today so the schools wouldn’t have to close. Show the women that the world will indeed go on without them. There is nothing they can do that men can’t. Sadly though men will rather step aside and let woman make their point and then wonder why feminism continues to grow.


3 thoughts on “Woman’s Day Off

  1. Another stupid stunt. “Let’s prove how indispensable we are by having the luxury to take the day off work without consequences.” If they are that indepsensable, they wouldn’t be able to leave their work. Also, how selfish of them to leave working parents (who don’t have the luxury of taking the day off) in the lurch trying to find and pay for childcare because their kids are now off school. I guess breastfeeding moms should up and leave their babies too today.

    The whole thing is just dumb. These women go on strike and probably nine times out of ten, it’s another woman who has to pick up the slack. Life will go on without them for the day and nothing will be gained by it except to keep divisions going among women and between women and men.


  2. “If they are that indepsensable, they wouldn’t be able to leave their work.”

    Right, that too!!

    We all know how mother’s day works. That is suppose to be a day off for mom, but LOL LOL LOL. Because we are indispensable.

    Yes, the articles I have seen all pointed this out that in the end it hurts women by leaving those who don’t have the luxury to find help at the last minute.


  3. There will be serious problems at hospitals everywhere if women don’t show up. I don’t think that it is helpful to declare women unnecessary and easily replaceable because it simply isn’t true. A man who can’t even find a job is probably not qualified to teach, and I certainly wouldn’t want my child’s school to hire some random man for the day just to prove a point.


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