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With God all Things are Possible, Except When Meeting a Woman’s Emotional Needs

I don’t mean to keep beating this horse, but I can’t get over how women are constantly told no excuses, “with God all things are possible” when at the same time men are told being there for their wives, understanding them, is an impossible order to fill. Apparently, even God can’t help men figure out and cope with woman’s emotions.

As I mentioned before, Lori has said:

You see, its an impossible order for a husband to tend to his wife’s needs. No mention of the famous verse about “all things are possible with God”. However, when Lori is giving advice to women where a woman may express doubt over something (such as staying at home) they are bombarded with the “all things are possible with God” verse.

Even when your husband dies, its no excuse to not stay at home. All things are possible with God!

But when a woman has some emotional needs, all of a sudden its very impossible to understand those.

UPDATED 4/12/17:

She is on again about telling women nothing is impossible with God. This time as it relates to women staying home.

Broken record.


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