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Persistence in NOT Teaching Men

I posted part of this yesterday in Bird Watching, but there has been more exchanges, so I am placing it all here. If more comes up, I will add that later.

Male reader on facebook:

I know you’re writing to women, but if I read your posts and learn something, doesn’t that mean that you’ve taught me something? If so, is that wrong?


I am not part of a church body with this blog or in a church service standing in front of an audience of men and women and teaching them the Word of God. You know I am teaching women but you reading my blog is no different than you reading a book written by a woman for women.

So, see because she isn’t affiliated with a church that makes it OK. It also makes it OK that she isn’t teaching men in front of a people in a church. Nevermind that by hosting a blog you have an audience of men and women that far outreaches any church service by the millions! But since blogs weren’t mentioned in the bible, its OK to teach men online just disclaimer everything that your main message is for women and if man want’s to read a woman’s blog that is his problem and decision.

How is it not OK for women to teach in front of maybe a couple hundred people in a church service, but they can start a blog and teach millions?

Another reader:

Talking or writing to Christians is same as talking or writing to the church.

Right, that is how I see it because Christians are the church. The church is not simply a building.


I am writing to Christian women and men who read my blog know this full well. I am NOT teaching men.

Getting more frustrated, she persists she is not teaching men.

Male reader:

 I know you’re talking to women, but do you think men shouldn’t read your blogs? I know it’s wrong for a woman to teach men, but is it wrong for a man to learn from a woman?


Not necessarily, only in the Church is it wrong since this is what Paul is referring to.

But the church is not a building, its a body of believers. Its wrong for a man to learn from a woman if he is confined within four walls of a church building, but not wrong from him to learn from a woman if they just take that conversation outside or to a blog.


But you, as a man, will have to come to your own convictions and conclusions instead of learning from me!

You can hear the frustration. That makes no sense.


One thought on “Persistence in NOT Teaching Men

  1. The meme made me laugh! 🙂
    Also, she has written at least two posts, and numerous comments, teaching scripture to men. So she does teach men, no matter how hard she denies it.


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