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Being Persecuted means you are on the Narrow Path

On facebook Lori has up a “poor me” post about the negative reviews on her book again. As usual she has been deleting any comment on facebook that kindly disagrees leaving the image that Lori is so great and everyone just loves her.

This one commenter, Wendy, admits something I have always thought:

You see, being persecuted is how some Christians determine if they are good Christians. If you aren’t being persecuted and attacked you must not be doing it right. Because of this line of thinking, I have no doubt that some Christians seek to be controversial just so they can be persecuted or attacked and then feel justified as a good Christian walking the narrow path.  They can walk away with a pat on the back and congratulate themselves that they are doing God’s work because people don’t like them. Although what they call persecution is simply someone else politely disagreeing. There has been a flurry of comments deleted recently that politely disagreed or had an honest question.  Lori quotes a bible verse about adversaries. So, she likens those who disagree with her as adversaries. That is pretty extreme.

Look at the rest of the comments, again if you don’t agree with Lori or like her book you are an “enemy”. Again, certain Christians have to also keep telling themselves that everyone who doesn’t believe exactly what they  believe is an enemy. This is nuts. There is no brotherhood or sisterhood in Christ apparently unless everyone believes exactly the same thing. Its no wonder there are so many denominations. Anyone who takes an opposing viewpoint is immediately  labeled an enemy. Anyone who asks an innocent question trying to learn more is labeled and enemy. Rather, to be accepted you have to blindly agree and applaud everything Lori and certain Christians say or you no longer a brother or sister in Christ but the enemy.

Lori and all godly women should consider this:

To expand upon that I know Lori and many do not like Rachel Held Evans. She is seen as a feminist yada, yada….and its no wonder they don’t like her because she also wrote this article. 

Reality Check #3: Facing disagreement is not the same as facing persecution. Conservative Christians are right about one thing: public opinion has shifted on same-sex marriage (particularly within the Church), and this means they are more likely to encounter pushback when they insist same-sex marriage ought to be illegal. Facebook friends may argue with them. Comedians may satirize them. Bloggers may write posts like these disagreeing with them. But to conflate such disagreement with the sort of persecution Jesus warned his disciples about is not only myopic, but also a slap in the face to those Christians who face very real persecution around the world. Living in a pluralistic society that also grants freedom and civil rights protection to those with whom one disagrees is not the same as religious persecution.   And crying persecution every time one doesn’t get one’s way is an insult to the very real religious persecution happening in the world today.  It’s no way to be a good citizen and certainly no way to advance the gospel in the world. 

Rachel pulls down the mask of those who use the persecution card at every turn.

The first comment says exactly my point:

I have a theory that some Christians think that unless they are persecuted they are not properly following Christ (they misread Jesus’ statements about persecution) and thus manufacture persecution in order to feel secure in their faith.

More reading on this found here. 


2 thoughts on “Being Persecuted means you are on the Narrow Path

  1. When I saw the post on Lori’s page, I was confused. She said there is a “campaign to destroy her book,” so I was looking for some sort of online petition or something, calling for Amazon to stop selling her book. But nope, this “campaign” is just the fact that she got a few more negative reviews than she would’ve liked. Even so, she still has more positive reviews than negative ones, so I’m wondering why she doesn’t seem pleased about that?
    Also she said that her editor is “shocked” and has “never seen anything like this.” Which makes me laugh. Really, he’s never seen any book get 43 negative reviews on Amazon?
    It is true that Jesus promised his followers that they would be persecuted, mocked, slandered, etc. for their beliefs. But of course, Lori has no idea what persecution, mockery, and slander really look like.
    P.S. I am one of those people who doesn’t like Rachel Held Evans.


  2. Good point about the “campaign”. That does really show that this is all attention whoring at its finest. Amazon is the only place where she can’t delete comments and its a complete loss of control for her, so this is a way she can get back some control. Her book description says “It also is causing fireworks in cyberspace as her trolls dog her wherever they can to give a contrary opinion or malicious word. ”
    Imagine that the nerve of having a contrary opinion!

    I don’t believe that about her editor either. He can come out and speak for himself, but I imagine he is trying to lay low.
    Persecution these days means a few negative reviews on Amazon. Its embarrassing and certainly gives Christians a bad name.


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