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Those who don’t Agree with Lori Alexander hate God, live in Darkness and have Mental Issues

On facebook Lori is taking on those who disagree with her today.  Although, I don’t think this is a chance to really have a conversation, but to rather boast about how great they are and how the rest of us all live in darkness, hate God, and have mental issues.  I haven’t seen any of those who disagree with her have a chance to answer her questions (at least not at the time of this post). This is another move to get attention and have a pity party.

I will never say people who disagree with me hate God, are evil, live in darkness, or have mental issues. Do they even know how many Christians they are pushing away with this crap? I have had real faith issues because of women like these, but don’t hate God. I don’t even hate these women but rather very frustrated in how they push women away who are trying to learn.

The commenter Stephanie is a frequent manosphere participant. She is known as dragonfly/Stephanie. Based on her blog she should have had a C-section 3 days ago for the birth of her third child, but here she is making a priority of going on facebook accusing people of mental illness! This is godly women for you.

I get angry when those who have honest, polite questions get deleted or banned. In the beginning I was trying to learn from women like her, but she only pushes inquisitive minds away. Unless you bow down and accept everything she says without question, you get deleted and banned.

Why does Lori continue to write and read on topics that she disagrees with? I continue to write about Lori for the same reasons she writes out against feminism, women working, yoga pants, women preaching, women not providing sex, etc., etc., They are topics we feel strongly about and we both have every right to write about them. No one is trying to get her to stop writing. This is bluster and rhetoric to rally the troops and get everyone to feel sorry for her.


Finally, two people who echo my sentiments:



9 thoughts on “Those who don’t Agree with Lori Alexander hate God, live in Darkness and have Mental Issues

  1. The comments from Beth and Ellen were just deleted.Unreal. See she doesn’t want a conversation. She just wanted a pity party where everyone can make her feel better about how great she is and how evil everyone else is.


  2. From her notebook: “I don’t read those who write things that I am opposed to.”

    Lori and women like her live in an echo chamber. That combined with her delusion that her personal interpretation of biblical marriage and Titus 2 is the correct one leads her to view disagreement as a personal attack and as disagreement with God Himself even though most of the time the disagreement is coming from other Christians. It’s amazing that she doesn’t see how incredibly arrogant it is to claim that disagreement with her is either mental illness or disbelief in God.


  3. Yeah, except she does read those who write things that she’s opposed to. In fact, she gets 99.99% of her inspiration from reading things she disagrees with. Not only that, but she spends 100% of her time online bashing people who write/say/think things that she disagrees with.
    But her blind hypocrisy goes even further. One commenter, by the name of Suzanne Chanis, writes:

    “Just like liberals in our country…it’s ok if I believe what I believe and you better not bother me about it, but if I don’t agree with what you have to say I don’t have to respect you!”

    To which Lori replies,
    “Exactly, sadly.”

    To be fair, Suzanne’s comment was no doubt referring to Lori’s “haters.” But the fact that Lori can’t see that she behaves exactly like those “liberals,” is horrifying. Lori is exactly like King David, who was so blinded by his pride and hypocrisy that he could not recognize himself in the “story” which the prophet Nathan told him. (2 Samuel 12)

    Oh, and Ellen was right, the “Nathans” just keep on coming to call Lori out 😉


  4. Lori makes and official post about this all today:

    She says:
    These vain talkers will scold me for not being open to ways that are contrary to the Bible and continue to badger me telling me that I hate women, teach dangerous things, and am a cult. Often, the reason I don’t rebuke them is because when I do, instead of quoting scripture to tell me where I am wrong, they will attack me personally. If they can’t back up their arguments with truth, they attack the messenger and this is fruitless.

    Therefore, I am quick with my delete, ban, and hide button on Facebook. As I have mentioned before, I am not going to allow them to poop on my Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, or blog. No, these aren’t open forums as they try to convince me; my blog is a teaching blog and I don’t want those who hate the truth to draw others away. I pray that they will one day repent since God’s Word doesn’t come back void, but it’s not my duty to allow them a “voice” on my stuff.

    A teaching blog where you can’t ask questions. Got it! I have tried and I know several others who have left nice comments and quote scripture and they have all been deleted. So she is full of BS and her groupies are blind to it all. She is not interested in learning about all but about creating a echo chamber.

    I have seen godly men and women shut down their blogs because of vain talkers. What I have noticed is these godly bloggers allow every and all comments to remain on their blogs and/or Facebook page, even the cruel and heartless ones. We are commanded to dwell on the lovely and the good, thus when we dwell on the bad and mean, we are disheartened and quit.

    Please list all these people who have shut down their blogs. More BS. This is all the persecution complex I wrote earlier about. Whine, whine, about what poor, persecuted Christians they are because someone disagrees or doesn’t like your book. Lori quotes this ““Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not.” She is the one who thinks mouths must be stopped and tries to shut people down. This is God’s mission they all believe to shut people up who don’t agree. Then they make up all these stories that the comments she deleted were rude or didn’t quote scripture and that is why she didn’t post them.

    Therefore, my encouragement to all of you who have blogs is to be diligent about what you allow on your blog, Facebook page, Instagram, etc. I have NO problem deleting, banning, and hiding comments if they are not beneficial in any way but only used to scold and belittle. Their entire purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy, just as it is Satan’s so don’t give up; for greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.

    What is her excuse for deleting the woman who left a suicide hotline number to a woman who talked about killing herself? Is leaving that number poopin on her lawn? Was that not beneficial?
    You can read the whole story on that here


  5. A commenter:

    Good for you, Lori! You do an awesome job of teaching women God’s word. It is not a matter of disagreeing with YOU, but rather disagreeing with what is clearly stated in God’s word. It’s your blog and Facebook page. You have every right to delete the evil and rude comments I have seen. Thank you for staying on message and for standing on what God has said. You are a blessing!

    You know April Cassidy of The Peaceful Wife doesn’t have these problems. Why is that? That is because April is sweet, empathetic, and patient. She teaches the exact same stuff as Lori but does it in a loving way. She doesn’t get negative book reviews. It really is in how the message is delivered. Probably why April is having conferences. She has the sweet personality that is able to do so. So it is not God’s word people fight against but against nasty, heartless, snobby, pharisee like Christians.


  6. I have been scolded by a few women who tell me that I must speak to them kindly and in love. Speaking the truth in love rarely comes across as kind or loving to those who hate the truth. For one thing, truth sounds mean and harsh to them but speaking truth to them is the most loving thing that I can do in hopes that the Lord will plant some seeds in their souls that may one day sprout into repentance and belief in Almighty God.

    So she admits that speaking kindly and in love isn’t her thing.


  7. Lori wrote at Always Learning

    “He wrote that he loved 95% of who I was but had a lot of trouble with the other 5%. I was continually preaching the Bible to him and trying to control him through my emotions, withholding sex, and getting angry with him. I argued with him constantly. He felt like he continually walked on egg shells around me, never knowing when he was going to displease me, sometimes with the littlest of things.

    “I finally realized that it all came down to control. It is the curse from the garden and almost every woman I have ever mentored struggles with it. ”

    “Therefore, after arguing constantly with my husband for 23 years and wanting to control him, for the past ten years I have learned that I was sinning against my husband and my Lord. I have been mentoring women for the past ten years and I now encourage them to stop trying to control what their husband watches, what he eats, what he wears, what he does with his free time, where he goes, etc. ”

    ” They [husbands] feel they aren’t going to get to live life the way they want anymore but have to live with a boss that tries to control them with her emotions, tempers, silent treatment, avoidance of sex, or anger.”

    “What’s usually behind a woman’s quest for control? Experts agree that an overwhelming need to control is actually an outward manifestation of the inward insecurities we feel. When we’re good with ourselves, we’re usually good with almost everyone around us. But when we’re not feeling so good about ourselves, we often seek to assign the blame to someone outside of ourselves, ruminating on such thoughts as, If my husband were more attentive…If my kids were better behaved…If my home were more in order…If my coworkers were more appreciative…Then my world would be a better place and I’d feel and act like a better person.” [Written by a guest blogger on her blog.]

    Look at the ways Lori descrbes how she controlled Ken. She read the Bible. Realized her sin against him and is now, supposedly a submissive wife. But has she really learned not to control, manipulate, boss, give the silent treatment, avoid anger and wihthold intimacy? No. She may have squelched this sin in her relationship to Ken somewhat but it’s only because she found a new outlet for it. She turned it agasint other women instead. (and smugly claims Biblical sanction for it in the “older women teach the younger’ verse.) IME, she never grew in holiness and overcame this tendency by practicing virtue. She just learned to squelch it in relation to her husband in the name of being “godly” and gave it full reign in her “ministry” to women. She may not be able to withhold sex to punish women who question or disagree with her but she does withhold intimacy (real communication with a desire to understand and to be understood) with female commenters who don’t tow the line regarding her interpretations of Scripture. She’s a “Transformed Wife” alright but the transformation was only in who she chooses to control and manipulate rather than a real deep growth in actual holiness. If she’s “Always Learning”, the need to control and manipulate is the one lesson she hasn’t quite grasped yet. She hasn’t learned that her personality tends towards this fault and that it’s systemic in how she relates to ALL people in her life, not just her husband. If she really wanted to root out this fault, she would examine herself in all her relationships. She would face the real reason she chooses to delete and ban those who respectfully disagree with her. It’s her way of controlling them and avoiding engaging with them in any meaningful way.


  8. She may have squelched this sin in her relationship to Ken somewhat but it’s only because she found a new outlet for it.

    Yes, I believe that and the same applies for some of the red pill women. Lori controls women instead. A woman’s need for control is always present it just gets displaced elsewhere. Then they walk around all holy and mighty like they are “transformed” when really they are “transposed”. And I am sure this is why Ken loves her ministry as it takes the anger and control freak ways off of him and onto strangers online. Having the power to delete whoever disagrees with you is quite the power rush. Can’t do that in your marriage. In marriage and real life you have to deal with people. This is why she doesn’t minister in real life. People would ask too many questions that she can’t answer and she would have no control of the direction the conversation would go.

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  9. Probably why April is having conferences. She has the sweet personality that is able to do so. So it is not God’s word people fight against but against nasty, heartless, snobby, pharisee like Christians.

    April seems like a lovely person and although I don’t always agree with what she writes I’ve never doubted that she is well intentioned and actually trying to help other women.


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