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Lori Alexander (The Transformed Wife) Continues her Pity Party

For the umpteenth time Lori mentions her viral post. Did you all know it went viral again after she makes a big deal over celebrating her one year anniversary of her viral post? NO WAY!!!  I mean how could that happen?? A post that wasn’t getting any attention for a year gets mentioned again in a celebratory style and now its being talked about all over the web. She stirs the pot and mentions the viral post and then complains about how its gone viral again and all those “hateful” joyless people who comment. She is always on and on about dwelling on the lovely, clinging to the good, but she LOVES to keep talking about her alleged “haters”. Loves to dwell on them and keep mentioning them over and over again.

My viral post is going viral again. It’s tragic to see how many angry, mean, and crass women there are today. They have no clue what being women of discretion and goodness looks like. The words that are being written on my Facebook page in the past few days are disgusting. Foul language spews out of their mouths and they have no problem ridiculing and trying to destroy others. I can tell you one thing about them, they have no joy. They aren’t cheerful because they can’t be happy while being so angry. They feed on being cruel and unfeminine while going around with a scowl on their faces and hating the ways of the Lord.

Its tragic! Yes, well then, she must love tragedy because she keeps bringing up the viral post at every turn. She loves the drama and attention it stirs up, because these types of Christians believe the more they are allegedly hated, the more proof it is that they are doing God’s work.  I’ve never seen so much projection out of one woman. No clue what a woman of discretion looks like? Oh, I don’t know maybe they look like Lori who talks publicly about trying to poop 2lbs a day. 

Does a woman of goodness (and her followers) accuse other of hating God, being evil, having mental illness, being reprobates (all things Lori has said or endorsed)? Is that how a godly woman should act? Because if so, maybe I can learn a thing or two from these shining examples of virtue.  Its funny also the people who put themselves on a moral pedastal for not cussing but then they accuse people of hating God, being evil and being mentally ill. AS IF that makes it so much better. That really gets to the theme of this blog. Feminists will cuss at you, yet godly women will be more mild by saying you are evil or psycho. Is one really any better than the other? Nope. Godly women just fool everyone so much better into thinking they are angels and always blameless victims that just seem to have such bad luck in attracting “mean” people.

If by foul language she means cussing, there is none of that. And at the most people have called her sexist, misogynist. She is basically getting back the same level she puts out. Call someone evil, then someone calls you sexist back. Tit for tat. Big deal. I have seen comment after comment be deleted that is perfectly reasonable, they just don’t match up with her agenda. I can’t get over how much these godly women love to play the victim card.  On purpose they go around on and on about a controversial post and then play “woe is me, poor godly me, I am just trying to teach women and all these joyless women keep trying to bring me down”. Its disgusting. Her post today would have been a good post if she purely focused on the main topic, but she had to get another dig in there about all her alleged haters.

She of course is free to delete what she sees as foul mouth comments; however, I have to point out that she could delete them and say nothing more and not encourage commenters to call others evil, etc., not to dwell on what they see as the ugly.  For someone who claims to be a godly mentor and role model that seems the mature thing to do. BUT she chooses not to do that. Basically, all her posts and facebook discussions have been a pity party and she calls pity parties satanic. How many times in the past week has she complained about all her “haters” and the negative reviews on Amazon. On and on she goes with her “woe is me” song, trying to get her readers to feel sorry for her. And most of them fall for it and rush in on their horse of truth to triage her hurt ego.

As a side note, I don’t ever see April Cassidy of The Peaceful Wife have these problems.  But then I also don’t see April accusing women who don’t agree with her as hating God and being evil.  Its not the ideas both these women promote that angers people so. It is rather how Lori communicates her points and tries to brings down any woman who doesn’t agree.  No doubt April probably gets her share of negative comments that she simply doesn’t publish and never mentions again. I don’t see April making posts out of her “haters”. Lori could learn a lot from her; but shudder the thought  as April is a younger woman who doesn’t know anything.  Women are only to learn from older women (per Titus II) who are at least in their 50s or menopausal, have been married for at least 20 years (because you know its the length not the quality that counts), have multiple children, and stayed at home. Everyone else has absolutely nothing else valuable to teach or share.

This type of behavior should have no part of our lives, women. When we disagree with someone, no foul word should ever exit our mouths. We are to be defined by kindness and speaking the truth in love. We are to hate what is evil and cling to what is good; for when we are clinging to the good, we will most likely be cheerful and joyful as we remind ourselves that the joy of the Lord is our strength.

I will reiterate the point again. “No foul word should ever exit our mouth”. Lori, the same applies for every time you call someone evil, hating God, reprobates, or mental illness .You may not consider that a foul mouth but it can be just as damaging as cussing to someone who is trying to learn. Think of that “baby Christian” who is trying to gain their footing and they ask you a question, just for you to come back assuming the are a troll or hate God because it doesn’t match up to exactly what you believe. I can guarantee you just sent that person back at least 10 steps in their Christian walk.

“We are to be defined by kindness and speaking the truth in love”. OH REALLY?? Because just a few days ago Lori said:

Here she admits speaking in truth and love doesn’t work. That is why Lori is harsh. She says other women scold her and try to get her to speak in love and yet here she is doing the same to her readers. Telling her readers to speak in love when its something she doesn’t even agree with.


5 thoughts on “Lori Alexander (The Transformed Wife) Continues her Pity Party

  1. The trolls are now running wild on Lori’s Facebook page.
    Today, she claimed she “doesn’t have time” to delete and block everyone. Looks like she’s completely overwhelmed. Ha!

    There are some truly nasty comments on her posts that should actually be deleted, in my opinion. But I’m still glad to see that Lori is finally weathering the storm she created herself. She’s certainly had this coming for a while.

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  2. Coincidentally not long after I did this post, the truly vile comments came flooding in. The comments that are up now are horrendous and truly need to be deleted ten times over. I do not endorse any of those. What I am strongly against and this is still happening are the people who leave a very reasonable comment with no cussing, meme, sex joke, or anything crass and it still gets deleted. She was quick to remove yesterday a few reasonable questions while leaving up the vulgar comments. She loves the negative attention. She could have avoided all of this if she didn’t make a big stink out of her one year anniversary post.
    She now says today she is taking the week off. Duh, someone suggested that yesterday but it was deleted.


  3. A week off! How stupid of me to believe that. On a whim I checked facebook and she is posting again, 2 days after she said she was going to take a week off to get away from all the crazies. How typical of a flounce.


  4. Nothing wrong with giving tips on clearing the digestive system. Not sure what that has to do with being godly or transformed, though constipation doesn’t sweeten our dispositions.


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