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Don’t Scare a Man by Saying “I need to talk to you.”

This is so funny.

Are men that much of pussies that their wife can’t even speak directly to them? Where they have to carefully watch how they word things so the stronger sex doesn’t feel offended. I am getting more and more convinced that women are the stronger sex, given how much we are suppose to baby men. I happen to think only a man who has constantly been nagged and yelled out would take such offence to such an innocent statement as “I need to talk to you”.


One thought on “Don’t Scare a Man by Saying “I need to talk to you.”

  1. Well, to be fair, my husband has mentioned feeling like that when his boss emails him saying they need to talk without mentioning about what.

    But my husband has gotten more relaxed about it, now that (thanks to years of experience) he realizes that it’s almost always about other people/stuff.

    It might help a lot to give a bit of a heads up as to what the conversation is going to be about (“we need to talk about Bobby” or “we need to talk about that big dead tree in the yard”).


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